Front Room Decor

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Today we are having the final room reveal of my project with REMEDY DESIGN they have been such a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend them. They were very creative and caught my vision properly. I wanted a realistic family home with trendy decor that fit my earthly, vintage chic personality as well as my husbands sophisticated, manly style haha. It was also important to us that the decor brought out the character in our old 1920’s home. They truly came through! There are so many unique pieces that fit in with our home while at the same time staying comfortable and functional for a family with babies. This room is both Jordan and my favorite space. It has been a gathering area for many deep conversations between each other and our friends. It’s also become a place where we bond with Olivia over building blocks and reading books. I absolutely love this room and all the memories being created in it.

This is the first time Jordan and I have had a front room. We have always wanted one because it makes for a great transition  space into the home. In my opinion, front rooms are the most decorated and set up the theme for the rest of the house. So it was important to me that this room became inviting, cozy and has a presence of family and friendship. That is the overall theme I want to spill over into the rest of our home. Front rooms are also considered wasted space because it’s sometimes used as just an entry before you enter into the heart of the home. I wanted to do away with that mentality and make our front room an extension of our gathering area. I wanted the front room to have ample seating and to keep it open to our family room so that people could be in both rooms and not feel closed off from each other. Remedy Design collected a variety of unique pieces to be used as seating, such as the rustic leather couch, big comfy poofs and adding pillows to the window bench to make it an inviting place to sit. They thought it best to keep the seating on one end of the room to keep the other side open for a natural flow into the family space. I love how it turned out!

I really appreciate the effort they put into finding the right pieces to bring out the character in our home. Jordan and I have always wanted an old vintage home. They are not totally realistic for big families and entertaining so we knew that if we wanted to live in our dream home we had to do it while we were a young family. I love this house so much and home to expand our family in it until we bust out of the seams haha REMEDY DESIGN did an amazing job at using every inch of space we had make it usable for entertaining purposes with family and friends, since that is what we value most.

I cannot thank REMEDY DESIGN enough for creating the perfect space and flow of our front room and family/dinning room. I loved working together! If you are interested in seeing our family/dinning room swipe over to the next post, you can see the reveal there!


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