Room Reveal

Ladies and gents this piece right here is what started it all! My obsession for the new, very trendy raw look is very much alive in my soul. This piece melts my heart daily, that wood grain, oooo it just does it for me! In my previous post I introduced you to REMEDY DESIGN the amazing interior design company I partnered with to decorate my home. Today’s post will be a reveal of one of the rooms they designed for me!

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. REMEDY DESIGN knows its stuff. They found the cutest most unique pieces to complement my quaint 1920’s home. I love how they brought all the character in my house to life with each specific piece of furniture.

Their creativity and use of space blew my mind! We have a large dinning room in the front of our house. Jordan and I thought the room was too big to only dedicate to a table so we played around with the idea of turning the room into a family room. However, our kitchen isn’t big enough for a table so we were going to settle for a little breakfast nook in the kitchen. The more we thought about it we really wanted a table to have friends and family over for dinner. Within several seconds REMEDY DESIGN came up with a solution. A split room, duh!!! Why didn’t I think of that!! As you can see here we have this dope earthly concrete table under our window with cute raw chairs that bring to life the original 1920’s hardwood floor. The rest of the room is a fully functioning family room. REMEDY DESIGN was able to give us function and aesthetic with this genius idea!

We loved this lighter gray couch to complement the darker gray walls and enhance the raw wood throughout the room but were concerned that our babies would ruin it. REMEDY DESIGN has hundreds of fabrics to choose from, some of which are stain resistant! We’re still careful around the couch but it’s nice to not walk on egg shells around it!

So here it is the first of the two rooms that REMEDY DESIGN decorated for me. I am in love with everything and am so excited about the raw look they introduced to me. What do you think about the new raw wood trend?


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