Remedy Design

Meet the Team

If you follow along on Instagram then you know Jordan and I have moved into our new home and are getting it decorated by REMEDY DESIGN. They have the most beautiful decor and home build ideas. They really are a one stop shop. I love that they can add custom benches, shelves, etc. Into our already built home as well as decorate it.  

They have a lot of options where you can customize your pieces. There is a whole wall of fabrics to choose from for your pillows, drapes, etc.  They also have staging spaces so you can see all the furniture pieces pulled together and set up just as it would be in your home. 

My experience meeting with them was great. They are young, fun and know what is trendy and how to pull it all together on a budget! They first came to my home and measured everything then had me come to their office and showed me how everything would be set up in their staging spaces as well as on their computer slide shows, complete with sampled details. I got to sift through their samples, swatches and books to customize the finishing touches.  It was so fun being apart of the process and now getting to see my vision come to life is even more fun!

It was so fun working with this team! Everything was done in such a timely manner and I love all my unique pieces. Every time I walk into the rooms they designed and decorated for me I feel like my rooms are one of a kind! You guys are going to love the final reveal! Jordan and I purchased an old home built in the 1920’s. We fell in love with all of the character and vintage detail. When it came to picking decor and furniture we wanted to keep with the unique character of the home. REMEDY DESIGN definitely made that happen! I am so excited to share the reveal of the rooms soon!! 


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