Olivia Twirls and Our Favorite Baby Monitor


Good Afternoon!

Liv and I are all smiles over here for two reasons! First, Olivia has learned how to twirl with her dress! Whenever we are dancing she always gets the biggest kick out of me twirling my dress over her head LOL and today she has caught on! She is totally twirling while floofing her dress around haha I definitely made up that “floofing” word but you know what I am talking about right!? Check the two photos below!

Isn’t she just the stinking cutest!? I absolutely adore her!

The Second reason we are all smiles is because we received a new baby monitor! I love baby monitors, they help me relax at night knowing I can just peek at the monitor and make sure everything is okay with our sweet little babe! Olivia loves it too because she thinks the monitor is her cell phone haha Check the picture below to see her excitement over it!

The baby monitor we use is from Summer Infant it’s the Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor and I love it! It has a sleep zone feature where you can mark on the monitor where your baby should be and if your LO rolls out of the zone an alarm will sound to notify you. Another feature I really love is the pan and zoom. I am able to press buttons on the monitor to pan – zoom around Olivia’s entire room to make sure there aren’t any monsters in her room. Then using the two-way talk back to baby feature I can let her know that the coast is clear! The other feature I really love is the nursery temperature display, this feature helps me know how warmly I need to dress Olivia for bed. Overall the Summer Infant Baby Monitor is definitely a winner! The Summer Infant® Baby Pixel® Cadet™ Video Monitor is launching on Amazon with a special SALE price. For a limited time, parents can buy the Baby Pixel® Cadet™ at $119.99 (originally $169.99). That’s $50 off! Hurry, this deal won’t last long!


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