How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat QUICK!

Good Afternoon beautiful people!

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you know how obsessed I am with the PURE SCULPT BEAUTY ICE FACIALS

My face holds weight and seems to be the place where I bloat ha ha so I use the ice facials to chisel my cheek bones and it really works! It gets rid of all my inflammation and I love it! I use them three times a month. I knew Pure Sculpt did ice body contouring to help get rid off stubborn fat quick. I was never too interested because I have a fit figure. Although, my stomach has loose skin from my pregnancy so I was curious to see if they could help with that. They said they could so I tried it! WOW! What a difference see my result below!

I did three treatments! I could not believe  the difference! I thought I was fit but now I am toned AF (as freak, I hate the F word haha) My skin definitely is tighter than before. I love this type of treatment because it is natural and the results are almost instant!

I did wood and ice therapy all three times, it feels like a glorified massage. This type of therapy comes from Columbia, it’s called Colombian body sculpting. The Wood Therapy warms up your tissues to sculpt and add volume. With a variety of wooden tools and massage techniques they activate my lymphatic system and get rid of toxins and drag it up or down to my booty to add volume there. Crazy right!? I know it works because I didn’t even tell Jordan about this and he asked if I have been working out differently because my booty looks gooood! haha Don’t get it twisted, you aren’t going to walk out of the room with a Kardashian bum but there will be an obvious difference.

The friction from the different tools tightens skin and reduces cellulite, your body is literally being sculpted I love it!

Next they add Ice Therapy which is a mixture of clays and other natural ingredients frozen together. This process helps burn calories, tightens, tones and reduces fat. Six to twelve treatments is recommended and the fat loss results last 6 months to a year depending on your lifestyle. The Wood and Ice Treatments run $150-$200 and the Ice Treatment alone runs $99-$135. If you visit their website HERE you can find a specialist in your area!

I love having this type of therapy as opposed to something surgical or fillers in my face. It is natural and feels so healing and healthy. I plan to do three treatments every 6 months and continue doing three ice facials every month! I love this type of pampering! It doesn’t just feel good and look good but I really feel like it is so good for your body. It also doesn’t hurt to have this option right before a beach vacation!  What did you think about PURE SCULPT BEAUTY? Would you try it?



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