Our Morning Routine

Hello All!

Olivia and I have added a new step to Olivia’s morning routine. One that we both are excited about! I’m excited because I love the benefits and Olivia’s excited because, well it tastes good! LOL Smart Family Nutrition reached out to us and sent us some of their goodies! After doing some research we decided that they were a great addition to our routine and we decided to partner up! Smart Family Nutrition has a passion for growing smart healthy kids. They focus on the probiotics and DHA supplements and the important role these supplements play during the most critical stages of our children’s brain development.

Smart Family Nutrition is the leader in brain nutritional through all stages of infancy and child development. It’s a doctor formulated and science backed company that is trusted by myself and other mothers as well as loved by Olivia and other children. It tastes like candy and the benefits are really great!

The Think Smart DHA Drops is a mix of Omega 3 fatty acids that better help the development of our children’s brains and eyes. These drops give our babies the best start they can get. Brain development is an ongoing process that begins before birth and continues throughout adulthood. We as moms have all been told how critical those first years of our children’s brain development is. So if you have ever asked yourself, “what more can I do?” Try this supplement out!

The Tummy Smart Probiotics provide the building blocks of a healthy gut so our kids absorb and process all the nutrients we give them. These probiotics feed the good bacteria and form a better functioning microbiome. Tummy Smart includes strains such as Bacillus Coagulans, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, each shown to promote healthier tummies if taken regularly. When our kiddos digestion is in check, their immune health and brain development will thrive.

Look at Liv’s cute little smile! I see so much of myself in her in this photo! It’s crazy, normally everyone says she and Jordan could be twins, which most of the time I have to agree. But something about this facial expression makes me see baby Jness!

Liv could not get enough of these goodies! I may or may not have tried one haha they remind me of smarties. I like how convenient they are too take and that Liv actually wants to take them! Anyways, I am really excited about this product! Till next time loves!



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