Road Trip!

Hey Everybody!!!

Today Liv and I are going on a mini road trip! If you have been following along on INSTAGRAM then you know Jordan and I are going to Thailand!! Whoot whooo! I am sooo excited! Olivia won’t be going with us though! (insert crying face) She is on solids now and I was a little nervous about her drinking and eating the food there, she just hasn’t been exposed to much and I don’t know what will be available for her. Plus it will be good bonding time for Jordan and I. WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED!! Anyways, I feel bad leaving her out, so I decided to do a mini vacation for her and I to enjoy! haha We are going to Tibble Fork to throw rocks in the lake, SAYYY WHAAA!?! Who needs Thailand when you can chuck things in the water?! Am I right!? LOL

I partnered up with Cybex to introduce you guys to the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 Carseat. I love this Cybex carseat because it was designed to help keep your baby safe and alert you if your car gets to hot or your baby unbuckles themselves. Isn’t that cool!? I love that this company is working to find a solution to the rising number of infant hot car deaths!

There is a small vehicle receiver that is installed in the vehicle OBD2 port and that is what connects to the smartphone. Your phone will only receive alerts after the receiver is installed. Remember to drive safe and don’t operate your phone unless you are in the passenger seat.

I hope you guys enjoy your day! Thanks so much for stopping by! Sending lots of loves!


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