Green Smoothie Recipe

Happy Friday!

Who is loving this Spring weather! We are, we are!! Fresh flowers, spring air, birds chirping whats not to love!?

Liv and I have picnics almost daily! We are determined to check out every park. The other day we went to the Lion House in the city and hung out in their gardens  for our picnic. Aren’t the tulips so beautiful! I want to come back here! We didn’t have time to make a full on picnic lunch so on those days I opt for a quick smoothie on the go instead of unhealthy snacks. We get our veggies in and Liv loves them! Win Win!!

I have been using Nature’s Touch Welch’s Frozen Fruit for my smoothies so when they reached out to me to partner with their frozen avocados I said, “Sayy whaaa? Frozen avocados, yes please!!!” I love these because they are always ripe and taste so fresh. Plus, they are way more affordable than seasonal avocados! I had no idea that frozen avocados were a thing! But now I always want them in my freezer haha they make cooking with them so easy. They thaw out nicely and can be used fresh in so many different recipes, not just guac or smoothies!

Lately my go to green smoothie is something smooth, creamy (hello avocados, that’s all you) and full of veggies because lets face it that is the only way I will get them in haha. I lowkey hate vegetables, i’m such a child I know! Okay below is my go to!!


Welch’s Frozen Avocado

Grapefruit juice

Minced ginger



Micro greens




Now I just throw things in blender and don’t really measure haha! Just think a handful of everything a cup of juice and a teaspoon of ginger. If you are feeling extra jazzy do a tablespoon of ginger, WOWZA!!

I hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you in my next post!

Thank you to Nature’s Touch – Welch’s for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.



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