PRP Microneedling AKA Vampire Facial



Good Afternoon my friends!
As you may know if you follow me on INSTAGRAM which if you aren’t you should, I’d love to get to know my readers! I went to UTAH FACIAL PLASTICS for a little pampering sesh! aaand oh my it was just that! I got the most amazing skincare treatment! It is called PRP Microneedling AKA the Vampire Facial. I love this procedure because you are using your own body fluid to beautify your face instead of chemicals. For all the results and benefits you get with this procedure the downtime is not bad at all! If you watch the video above you can follow along my journey and below I answered some frequently asked questions!

WHAT IS MICRONEEDLING: Microneedling is collagen induction therapy, it uses an automated pen with disposable needle tips that create tiny micro injuries into the skin. These micro injuries cause the body to create new skin tissue that is rich in collagen, leaving your face with fresh, healthy, new skin!

WHAT DOES MICRONEEDLING TREAT: It diminishes pores and wrinkles, helps acne scars and gets rid of dull skin. I suggest PRP Microneedling. This is where they draw your blood and take the PRP from it (Platelet rich plasma) and microneedle that into your skin. This gives you even more collagen stimulation and speeds up the healing process.

DOES IT HURT: Most people feel little to no pain and if you are anything like me than you will be laughing through it, IT TICKLES SO BAD!! haha in my video I couldn’t hold it together haha Your face is numb so all I could feel was the vibrations and it really tickled me.

IS THERE DOWNTIME: 24-48 hours but I wouldn’t really call it downtime, I went out the same day. The first day your face is just red, people thought I had just got done running or was sunburnt. The next couple days after, you will have some dry skin patches and your face may be a little pink. The first 24 hours avoid sweating and only use cold water on your face, so no makeup. After that use a gentle cleanser and really moisturize, you can wear makeup after 24 hours.

HOW MANY TREATMENTS: It depends what you need it for, 3 treatments is the recommended amount. However, acne scars will need more than that.

HOW MUCH IS IT: It depends on your location, it ranges from $250-$300 per treatment. PRP is an extra charge.

I hope you guys enjoyed  this article, comment below if you have any questions and which skincare treatment I should review next!


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