How to Apply Eyeshadow in 3 Simple Steps

Hey Bay Bay!!

Right now in this very moment I am eating the most delicious grapes I have EVER tasted! So juicy & Crisp! Okay moving on! Today we are talking all about eyeshadow! I could go on and on about all my tips and tricks on how to create a flawless eyelid. But I narrowed it down to my top 3 important tips I could not live without when applying eyeshadow. Who doesn’t want cute lids? I know I want them sooo let me teach you!


I have a YOUTUBE TUTORIAL for those that prefer information that way. For everyone else I have written out the steps below!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

Step 1: Use a fluffy brush (a brush with long bristles that are NOT tight together, hence FLUFFY) This brush will apply the lightest matte shade to your crease. With this brush you will blend it slightly up to your brow bone. This shade is going to be key to creating a blended eyeshadow look.

Step 2: Use a tight pencil brush/blending brush (a brush that has shortish bristles & are tightly packed together in a rounded shape) Use this brush to apply the darkest shade. Apply it in the outer crease of your eye and in circular buffing motion move it through out the crease until all harsh lines are gone. If you need to apply more of this eyeshadow ONLY apply it in the outer corner of your eye. The outer corner is the darkest area on the eyeshadow look.

Step 3: In a packing motion use a flat head brush and apply your eyeshadow on your lid. If you want to use a shimmer now is the time. Use a lighter shimmer on the inner lid and bring it home to the outer lid with a darker shimmer. Use your finger and lightly do a quick swipe to blend the light & dark shimmer together so everything is seamless!

Alright everyone that is it! My 3 simple steps to applying eyeshadow! Happy blending!



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