Three Breastfeeding Tips for Beginners

Good Morning

My sweet mamas and everyone else joining us today! I feel like breastfeeding isn’t talked about that much. It’s like this unwritten rule that women should just know how to do it or that it is “instinctual” which in some cases that may be true. I know for me and every other woman I have spoken to says it is actually REALLY HARD and it HURTS! Don’t let this scare you though, we got this, we’re women. It’s in our nature to just figure things out and do it! Breastfeeding is no different.

Breastfeeding was a little stressful the first week. After that I really enjoyed the bonding time between Olivia and I. It was so sweet to be able to not only give her life but give her the nutrients she needs to survive! Plus the cuddling time IS THE BEST!!! When she got older she would use one hand to hold onto my fingers and her other hand to tickle my side. It was sooo sweet, a feeling I will never forget!

First Tip: Get a comfortable nursing bra! I can’t stress this enough, bras are annoying enough haha don’t let a bra add stress to the process. My favorite one is from LOVEYOOTOO I like it because it is meant to grow with you! I haven’t heard of anything like it before. I got it for maternity purposes. I heard it was super comfortable so I got it and then found out it was a nursing bra too!! WINNING!! So the idea behind this bra is, while your pregnant body is growing and changing the bra will grow with you and changes with you so you always have the perfect fit! This is sooo nice because I had no idea the different growth stages your body goes through. If I didn’t have this bra I would have had to buy 3 different bras. So this was a nice investment for me!

Second Tip: By week three my nips started to crack and bleed OUCH! It’s a real thing. It hurt so bad that I literally would clench my jaw the whole time Olivia breastfed. Then someone introduced me to the NIPPLE SHIELD! HALLELUJAH!! These shields were created for women with inverted nips but I don’t have inverted nips and tons of other ladies without inverted nips use these too. The reason is because you literally can’t feel a thing when you breastfeed! All you experience is pure bliss!! This shield saved me!! I had no complications with using this shield. You can just use it while you are sore or if you’re like me, use it the whole time!  I feel like for legal and professional reasons I should say, Ask your pediatrician if the shield is right for you. Honestly, this is your body, your baby and your breastfeeding experience. Do what is right for you!!!

Third Tip: Patience!! Breastfeeding is a learning experience for both you and your baby. Give yourself and your lil one a break, it’s a new experience for both of you! Please, please plllleassse don’t give up on a rough day. I understand breastfeeding isn’t for every mom or every baby and that is OKAY. However, don’t think that it’s not for you because things get rough. If you want to breastfeed then you can do it with patience! Everyday isn’t going to be perfect so one those days just take a deep breath, smile down at your sweet little babe and say, “We got this, let’s try again at our next feeding. For now here is a temporary bottle, I love you.”

You ladies are amazing and being a mother is the greatest blessing and proof that we as women are capable of anything! Love you guys!!


PS. If you are wondering why I chose these pics for this post, it’s because I didn’t want to have breastfeeding pics of me on the internet haha I am shy! Soo I thought whats just as good as breast milk… CAKE!! So boom, boom, boom and then this photoshoot happened haha.


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