Summer Infant Baby Monitor Review

Good Morning Everyone!

I feel like 2018 started and is just taking off! Jordan and I have soooo many big things ahead of us this year that it seems like our weekdays are just one big busy blur and we hardly see each other. So the weekends are super important to us to bond and just catch up with each other. Sometimes it’s hard to bond because Olivia needs our attention, which is totally fun! But this is the first year where Jordan and I aren’t joined at the hip, we have so many things going on individually. Which is super exciting but we aren’t use to it so we have been trying to find that time where we can just be together. 

We have found that Olivia’s nap time is the best time for us to put aside our individual projects and make time for one another. We have been using that Summer Infant Baby Pixel monitor that I opened and talked about on my Instagram story and to be honest a lot of our bonding is spent looking at our monitor talking about Olivia haha She is the cutest little sleeper!!

I know that sounds creepy but we are her parents and can get away with it LOL Don’t try to play me I know you’ve creeped in on your babe and watched her sleep too! This is a safe space, it’s okay to admit it haha it’s our privilege as mothers. The monitor touch screen is so crystal clear I can see Olivia perfectly and it’s in color! I HATE those creepy monitors that are black and white, it feels like a scary movie and I am just waiting for some scary lady to pop her head into the screen! I don’t get that vibe with the Summer Infant Monitor though, thank the heavens!

Anywho, it’s a dope monitor. Not only for the touch screen, color and night vision but it has this super cool feature that sets it apart from any other baby monitor. The feature is called sleepzone. You can actually draw out a space on the monitor and if your baby rolls or escapes (no judgement, it happens) out of the zone an alarm will sound so you can check and make sure everything is okay with your sweet little babe. Isn’t that amazing!? Seriously, I haven’t heard anything like that before. So I was super excited when they sent me their product and asked me to try it out and write about my experience with it. I would definitely recommend it!

Ps just look at Olivia’s sassy little faces. Gosh, she is growing up so quick! I just love her to bits!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll talk with you in my next post!

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