What would be your BREAKTHROUGH moment??

Good Morning Everyone!

The other day Jordan asked me what my breakthrough moment would be right now? What needs to change in order for me to become the person/live the life I want? My first response was to find joy in the journey. I am quick to overlook the small victories and get hung up on the accomplishments I haven’t achieved. I want to be more positive and celebrate the growth in myself and career no matter how small. I want to notice what I currently have and not be thinking so much about what I need to do next to reach that higher level. Living in the present creates so much joy and I want to live a joyful life daily.

My second thought was the ability to see others. When I interact with someone I want to be so in tune with their character that I will be able to pick up on how I can serve them, what advice to give them or simply how I can be a breath of fresh air and give them a moment of joy during our conversation. I think the ability to have a positive attitude and seeing joy in your daily routine will create an environment that will be inviting to others. Pair that with the desire to reach out to others, genuinely see them for who they are and look for ways to lift them up; would be the combination of a breakthrough moment for me. Doing those two things daily for the rest of my life would be my breakthrough moment. That is who I want to become.

Jordan was watching this documentary on the idea of breakthroughs and how people think that a breakthrough comes after years of work. Well this guy believed it happens in an instant! You simply just say what you want and DO IT! Live it, become it! Right here, right now! Say it! So that is what I am doing here. From this day forward I WILL live a more positive lifestyle by finding joy in the journey! I will do this by celebrating my small victories and focusing my energy on recognizing how much fun I had developing my projects and presenting them. I won’t allow the results to take away from the passion and joy I have in my career. From this day forward I WILL take the time to engage with others. I will do this by seeing who they are, listening to what they are saying and acting on inspirations I receive to help lift and bring joy to their lives.

What is your breakthrough moment? I challenge you to make it happen right here right now!

XOXO Jness

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