Dockatot bed transition review

Good Morning Everyone!

This past week has been so weird. It snowed like crazy so we randomly have like two feet of snow outside ha I am excited for a fresh new week. Mondays are a little hard in the morning but overall I look forward to them. It is the beginning of a new week. A fresh start at all things you didn’t accomplish the last week. Every Sunday Jordan and I sit down and write out our goals for the week. I like having something to look forward to and something to work on. This week I want to work on being more present. Lately, I have been stressing about the future, no real reason why,I think maybe its because I’ve stopped seeing some progress on some things I have been working on. So it’s caused me to focus too much on the end outcome, which who really has control over any outcome? With pretty much anything in life the only real control you have is what you are currently working on in that exact moment. That’s why I believe it to be important to stay present, acknowledge areas where you can do more and make a plan to fix them but also remember to pat yourself on the back for ALL your small victories. These were just some thoughts I had this morning and wanted to share. I feel like I have sooo many Christmas photo shoots that I have yet to share with all of you. Hope you don’t mind continuing on with the holiday spirit.

My sweet little Liv received a DOCKATOT from the company. I was really excited to try this sleeper out, I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. It is perfect to use as a transition piece for sleeping and for co-sleeping. I love sleeping with my little, especially when she was a teeny tiny newborn but I never slept because I was afraid of squishing her. Now, I can just put her in the DockATot in bed with us and not worry about squishing her.

When we went to California over the holidays this is what I brought for her to sleep in. It was so perfect, I didn’t have to worry about a crib. I could just show up to the house we rented and throw the DockATot on one of the spare beds (or even the floor next our bed) and could be at peace about her sleeping arrangement. We had Olivia’s cousin over to play and it was so cute seeing them both sit in the DockATot just playing around. Olivia has so many cousins around her age. Two of my sisters and my brother had babies all in the same year Olivia was born. So many babies!! Do you guys have any must have baby items?


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