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So I know Olivia is almost nine months old and you guys may have already seen her live birth video but I never posted it on my blog and for some reason that has really bothered me. I guess I just wanted to personally write down my experience and I never got a chance to write down my thoughts and feelings on that magical day. So here we go!

My original due date was April 26th but Olivia was measuring small so they moved it up to May 3. Towards the end of my pregnancy my Dr. told me that he never lets his patients go longer than a week overdue, he just doesn’t think it’s healthy. So we knew that we would have her by May 10th. Well May 1st roles around and at my check up there are no signs of her coming so my doctor said, “Okay, we are going to induce you tomorrow.” TOMORROW!! what the!?! Jord and I did not see that coming. When the dr. said he didn’t want me to go over longer than a week Jordan and I assumed it was a week from May 3rd but he meant from our original due date April 26th! haha WOW what a crazy realization that we were going to have our baby in about 24 hours!!

I was stoked out of my mind, Jordan was obviously excited but EXTREMELY shocked and needed a little time to wrap his head around the fact that we were going into labor TOMORROW! ahhhhh I get so giddy thinking about it!! My instructions were to call the hospital the next morning and then they would call me back to let me know when to head over to start taking hormones (a medicine that helps jump start contractions, if that doesn’t work than they prescribe Petocin. A medicine that makes you go into labor.) You could imagine that May 2nd was the longest day of my life!! I literally paced and twiddled my thumbs all day long! The nurse said to call back at 4 PM. That day is a blur, I am sure I tried to stay busy but couldn’t handle the excitement of going into labor, all I remember is May 2nd didn’t begin until 4 PM.

I called the nurse at 4 PM, okay 3:50 PM. What?? I was so excited! I just wanted to head to the hospital!! She said that they would call me to head over in about 3 hours. UGGHHH 3 HOURS!?! Come on I am ready for my slumber party!! So I told Jord and he was like okay I am going to the gym. Makes sense, sitting around was driving me crazy. So he takes off (with the car keys). About an hour later the nurse calls me and says “A room opened up, come on down!” What the!? YAYYY! OMG, OMG ITS HAPPENING!! So I call Jordan and he says, “Well the gym was full so I went on a run, I’ll hurry back but I’m like an hour away.” UGGHHHH I have to wait another hour!?! Come on!! haha I am just trying to get injected so I can meet this baby!! At this point I am in full on fidget, nesting mode. Every pillow in our house had been fluffed 10x I unloaded the dishwasher and than reorganized all the cupboards and probably walked out to the street 20x to check and see if I could see Jordan running down the street.

Jordan finally arrives… and then showers! Haha LETS GOOOOO!!! We finally head on our way!! We get to the hospital and they set me up in our room, give me my hormones and came to check on my every three hours to see how my contractions were going. I had contractions all night long, they weren’t bad at all. Felt more like cramps, the discomfort came from the woman in the room next to mine. She was in labor and went the natural route (what I thought I wanted to do) she was screaming all night long so loudly, I was terrified! It literally sounded like she was being ripped apart by a pack of wolves. I have never in my life heard a person make noises like that. Seriously, no horror movie screams can out do the screams that woman was making. Between that lady and the nurse checking me every 3 hours I didn’t get much sleep but it didn’t really phase me. I was going to “wake up” and have a baby, yay!!!!

May 3rd, due date. My body still hadn’t dilated so the dr. prescribed Petocin. The contractions really hit hard! They say contractions on Petocin are soooo much worse and it makes sense because those suckers killed! At 9 Am I got my Epidural. The epidural was honestly the most painful part of the whole experience. My water broke right when I got it, Jordan said I where I got the epidural it was bleeding really bad. It was pretty painful because my contractions were at their worst, my water broke and I was getting jabbed with a giant needle in my back. But I wouldn’t change getting the epidural, it’s just what my body needed to go into labor.

The Petocin wasn’t working as quickly as it is suppose to, I was only measuring at a 3 and 30 minutes after I got my epidural I was measuring at a 9. When the nurse came to check everyone in the room could see the baby’s head! She said, “Okay, I am going to have you push once and see if your ready.” Jordan goes, “Wait what happens if she pushes and the baby comes out!?” The nurse says, “You’re right, wait here, I am going to get the doctor.” HAHA! The doctor comes, checks and says, “Go time!” AHAHAHHA I am so excited!!

Jordan held one of my legs up and stood by the whole time, I loved how involved he was! I did two big pushes and then asked the doctor, ” If everything is going smooth can I pull her out when she comes?” (I saw kourtney do this on Keeping up with the Kardasians and wanted to do it ever since!!) The doctor said, “OF COURSE!” yeeee so excited. On my third push Olivia came out! I moved my hands from my legs and put them under her little armpits and pulled the rest of her body out of me and placed her onto my chest! It was sooo amazing!

Even though I had an epidural, I still was able to feel her leave my body, I felt the pressure of the contractions but literally no pain. From start to finish I only pushed for 10 minutes. It was such a smooth easy delivery. I am pro epidural and will do it like this every time. It was nice to be able to be in the moment and not distracted by painful contractions. I had the energy to be able to pull my own baby out. I think giving birth is such a blessing and one of the most magical moments anyone can experience. There is no right way to do it, its up to you. At home, in a hospital, natural or with an epidural. At the end of the day we all become mothers and that is all that really matters. Do what is right for you.

It was so magical holding Olivia so close to me. She had finally arrived!! She was so aware and already held her head up! Olivia and I just stared at each other what seemed like for hours! I loved kissing her fingers and toes!!! She did this super cute lip suck/smucker face that she still does today. It is one of her mannerisms I first noticed and will never forget. When I think of her doing it my heart just mushes up! Jordan was emotional, it was so sweet! Seeing his reaction to her made me cry even more. Us three just holding close to one another was a bond we created that can never be broken. We became a family of three that day and we just keep getting closer.

I am so grateful for my life, family and healthy little girl!


2 thoughts on “Live Birth Vlog || Jenessa Sheffield

  1. So nice that despite the epidural you could feel her leaving your body! I tell you, no exaggeration when I say that this is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen! The way your husband kissed you so many times, that was really so sweet! Olivia Jayne is beautiful since the beginning and the name is very beautiful! Congratulations! 9 months is a nice moment to post it here, like a birth again šŸ™‚

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