Review on SWAP the worlds largest consignment store

Good Morning!!

Sorry for not posting on Friday. I was soooo sick! Call me a drama queen but I felt like if I lifted a finger I was going to pass out, I was so fatigued! Luckily it was just a 24 hour bug! Thank you for all the well wishes you sent on Instagram when I announced I wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t have a post up. PS Instagram is where I post most my announcements and updates so follow along and lets be friends!

Some baby advice I received that I really liked was. “Whenever you need something first check a consignment store.” Babies grow out of things so quickly that most baby things have rarely been used! I looked into SWAP.COM and loved the items I found for Olivia and even for myself! SWAP has fabulous prices up to 90% off! It is the world’s largest assortment of like new online consigned items. I bought Olivia this warm, cozy polar bear suit for $9!! Winter suit’s for babies can be in the $100’s and they usually only wear it once because they grow out of things so quickly! So I was so happy I checked out SWAP before I spent the big bucks.

For myself I found SO many cute coats that were like $10 and $12! I haven’t stopped wearing this green one. I love the color and brass button details! I have been given a Promo Code to share with you “JANESSA” I know my name is spelled wrong but it still saves you money if you use it haha. You get 40% plus free shipping if orders are over $10. Can you believe that!? Such a great deal!! I can’t wait to see what gems you find at SWAP! 


Thanks so much for reading! I will see you guys tomorrow!



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