How to find Affordable Dresses

Shop my Dress HERE $15!!


Hello Everyone!

We decided to fly south for Christmas and currently are in LA soaking up all the sun!! It is much needed because Utah is so cold and snowy! Liv loves to be outside so it’s been hard with the weather to take her outside. Now that we are in California for a little holiday we have spent every waking moment outside! We rented this house with Jordan’s family. It is on 19 acres! It has a lake, pool, garden, hiking trails and so much more! It has been the perfect little getaway! Today we spent the day picking fruit and wandering through the citrus gardens. KKKKKKK freshly picked clementines are the sweetest little treat!! Liv Loves them!!

I love how she is licking the clementine in this pic! HAHAH

When I am on vacation I like to take as little time to get ready but still look made up for my photos. I have found that a pretty dress makes any picture look amazing! I knew we would be outside a lot, getting wet and sandy so I didn’t want to ruin any of my nice dresses. So I took some time to find some super cute ones that were super affordable!


This blue one in my pics is $15 SHOP HERE

I also purchased this pink one UNDER $10 SHOP HERE

I got this black one UNDER $13 SHOP HERE

I have this in white too UNDER $30 SHOP HERE

This one is SO gorgeous UNDER $50 SHOP HERE

White is always a must UNDER $30 SHOP HERE

I can’t get over this one! UNDER $30 SHOP HERE

This is such a statement piece! UNDER $25 SHOP HERE

I love this color green! UNDER $17 SHOP HERE

This pattern is so dope! UNDER $15 SHOP HERE

After we wandered around the gardens and collected all our fruit we sat down for a picnic. I loved sitting here next to this lemon tree. It was so potent, it smelled delicious! Liv loves playing patty cake and flying on my legs like an airplane haha. She cracks me up!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed 2017! I look forward to what 2018 has in store for all of us!

Have a great day babes!!


3 thoughts on “How to find Affordable Dresses

  1. What for a great post, with a beautiful dress and your baby! I also loved your hair, you look gorgeous! I loved one dress in particular, will check it out now! Happy new year!!!

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