Drive to Sundance Mountain Resort

Hello Everyone!!

We recently took a nice little day trip up to SUNDANCE MOUNTAIN RESORT. Wow what a gorgeous location! We took the scenic route, which I highly recommend, through the Alpine Loop. The Alpine Loop is a beautiful drive up through American Fork Canyon that takes you up to Sundance. If you want to see gold crisp leaves that look as though they are glowing with fire than trust me on this, you want to drive through this loop. Stop off and take a family photo, it is the perfect location for a Christmas Card! Now if you aren’t sick of the beautiful scenery than may I suggest continuing up to Sundance and over looking the entire mountain range by a chair lift! You can purchase tickets to ride up the Sundance Ski lifts and look down at all the changing leaf colors. You can pop on and off the lift for different hikes and even stop off at the top for a delicious meal with a fantastic view! Now if that isn’t the perfect way to experience the Fall changing leaves I don’t know what is! The walks and hikes vary but I would say most are accessible for small children and elderly folks. We had all ages with us and it was doable. Don’t forget to take a moment to suck in that fresh, crisp, mountain air! AHHH it was lovely! I can’t wait to come back in the Winter and enjoy the slopes on some skies and get a taste of some of their other restaurants.




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