My go to Eye Shadow Palette

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s no secret that Liv and I love two things, eye shadow and brunch! Lucky for us we get to enjoy both today!! It is so fun to get ready in the mornings… well afternoon shh… together. Liv loves the mirror, it’s the cutest thing to see her get the biggest grin when she recognizes herself in the mirror. She is the most beautiful girl and you know she knows it too by the way she looks at herself. Might we all learn from Liv’s example and brighten up each time we see ourselves in the mirror instead of criticize our appearance. (Read on to see what palette I am loving)

Liv and I have added a new edition to our eye shadow collection! The Pur Pro X Etienne Palette is amazing! It has a wide variety of transition shades, shimmers and mattes. I find myself grabbing this palette more and more because of the ease I have using it to change my looks from day to night. The colors are so cohesive that I really don’t need any other palettes! Let’s keep that little secret between you and I though, it could be dangerous if my husband finds out that information. Haha! A girl can never have to many eye shadow palettes!

Be sure to give my new friend Pur Pro X Etienne a try!  I am interested to hear what you think!! Mostly, I want to hear how you can’t believe how pigmented this palette is and how easy it is to blend the eye shadows together! They really did create such a smooth formula for this palette! It’s safe to say I’m in love… what else is new! Hope you babes have a wonderful day! Make sure to comment what palette you are loving right now!

XOXO Jness

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