Eight Makeup Products You Need

Hey Guys below is a recent Makeup Haul be sure to watch & don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE

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Good Morning my loves!

I recently went on a crazy makeup shopping spree and had to share some of my favorite products with you guys! I’m not saying you need to buy all eight of these right now (but you will be happier if you do haha that is totally the devil on my shoulder saying that) but keep them in mind and slowly add them to your makeup collection. They will change your makeup game and make your makeup routine flawless! I go into more detail about each product in My YouTube video above and I provide swatches as well. You know your girl has your back! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE I love that our little family is growing!

PS can you believe baby girl will be here in 6 weeks!! I am so excited!! I just posted a baby update on my INSTAGRAM so if we aren’t friends there come follow along! I am starting to get a little nervous but not for reasons you are thinking of but because it has become very apparent that little girl has her daddy’s personality LOL she doesn’t just kick, now she camps out in my most ticklish spots and will jab and jab until I burst out in little squeals or random fits of laughter. You guys it is SO embarrassing!! Especially when I am trying to have a conversation with the cashier haha & I swear she does it on purpose, it’s like she knows I am in public and just wants to embarrass me LOL a trait her daddy has mastered and I am afraid she has too. Haha Do you guys have any experiences like that??

I hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for my post on the POWER OF MAKEUP.


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16 thoughts on “Eight Makeup Products You Need

  1. The shopping spree was good and the products as well, but I had to laugh about your baby girl kicking inside and making you laugh when you are in public having a conversation! Wow, in 6 weeks you will have your baby in your arms! So sweet!

    1. if you are talking about Morphe, it is mac quality at half the price. I have replaced all my mac eyeshadows with morphe because the quality and price CANNOT be beat, they are amazing!!

    1. oh congratulations!!! SO exciting I cannot wait for you to have yours and see the handsome lil fellow on your blog! of course! xoxo

    1. Yes girl you do!! But if it doesn’t come back in stock the 35O is basically the same thing or their newest palette the 35R. Thanks beautiful I cannot wait either!! loves!

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