What to do in Belgium: Brussels and Brugge

Below is my travel vlog to Belgium, check it out and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Hey Guys!!

We made it to Belgium!!

Paris is always amazing and will have a spot in my heart but BRUGGE BELGIUM is my favorite city I have visited so far! I cannot wait to go back the Spring and Summer when they have all their flowers and amazing festivals. If I fell in love with this place when it was Winter and nothing was really going on then I know I will be swept off my feet when the action hits this country during the warmer Seasons. So that would be my first bit of advice, visit this place during Spring and Summer.

We took the bus from Paris to Brussels, visited the Grand place (pictured above) and stuffed our faces with the most amazing food. Seriously come here with an appetite you will want to eat your way from one side of the country to the other. We then took a train to Brugge (Bruges, different ways to say but are basically the same) where we stayed. There is not a bad place to stay in Brugge, you will see in OUR VIDEO above that we stayed right on the water looking out onto a canal. It was amazing!!!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by! Next post will be on our adventures in Amsterdam.


3 thoughts on “What to do in Belgium: Brussels and Brugge

  1. So sweet the video, you two look so happy! Brugge is so lovely, definitely and frits, miam! Not to mention Belgian chocolate… so happy you are having such a nice time! Hope you have a very lovely day!

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