Top Ten things to do in Paris

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You Guys!!

Paris is SUCH a dream, they hype is real and it was even better with my main squeeze, there is so much to do in Paris and you can make them super romantic if you’re into that. I am a die hard romantic so you know I made some of our outings super cheesy! In our PARIS VLOG above I listed the top ten places to visit so be sure to watch that. There are three tips I want to give you on our experience on traveling in Paris.

Traveling tips for Paris:

  1. Get a hotel that is centered so you can walk or bus to the main sites, you will save a lot of money this way. The hotel I recommend is HOTEL BALMORAL we were no joke a 60 second walk away from Arc De Triomphe. There were so many delicious restaurants, markets and cafe options to choose from. I definitely felt like a local in this location.
  2. The best, cheapest & fastest way to see all of the hot spots in Paris is by doing a hop on hop off bus. You can’t pick a bad bus company, ours was a little under $30 for each of us. You get head phones so as you drive to all the different destinations you get a lot of interesting history on Paris. The bus stops are so close to Hotel Balmoral which was super convenient!
  3. When you are looking for a pastry shop, which you need to go to at least 3 times a day! I am a little biased though because I LOVE baked goods, sweet and savory sooo needless to say the Paris diet is a dream for me. But to ensure you get the very best baked goods make sure the bakery says Patisserie (obviously, they all say that because that’s what they are, so that’s why it can get super overwhelming to know which one to go to) as well as BOULANGERIE.  Legally the Patisserie can only have the word boulangerie attached to their cafe if they make their bread in house. So that’s when you know its good!

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten things to do in Paris

  1. Paris is so romantic, so nice that you wrote your names to put on the bridge! I love croissants and you look so beautiful! I hope you enjoy the trip a lot, it seems you are! Hope you have a very lovely weekend!

  2. I am going to Paris in November for my 30th. I am thinking about staying at the hotel you mentioned in your post. Do you think it was too far from the Notre Dame and Louvre area or was it easy to get to my metro?

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