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Good Morning Everyone!!

Today is the start of my blog posts from our trip to Europe. It was SO dreamy!!! I can’t wait to go back! Our first stop was Iceland. So random I know but I am super glad we came here, this country is beyond gorgeous and if you like outdoorsy things than you will love this place. There are so many amazing things to see here!!

We came here for two reasons, first, Jord has a goal to go to 30 countries before he is 30. He has traveled a lot so he is pretty close after this trip he has 4 more countries he needs to visit in a year, lucky me another big trip!! So like I said he has traveled a lot and been to all the main places so Iceland was a place we added on so he could get an extra country on his list. (Ps baby girl is wiggling so much in my stomach right now LOL oh I just adore her! okay ADD back to writing) Second, we chose Iceland because it is way cheaper to fly to Paris (our main destination) from LA with WOW AIR.  Wow Air provides a free few day layover in Iceland, we saved hundreds of dollars by stopping in Iceland instead of taking a direct flight to Paris, plus we got to spend time in a country we have never been before. It was the ideal situation, now that we have gotten a taste of Iceland we cannot wait to go back!

The start of trip was really bad though, we had a 3 hour delayed flight from SLC to LA which caused us to miss our flight to Iceland, so instead of the 3 days we had planned to spend there we were there for less than 24 hours, so sad but what can you do?

My first bit of advice when traveling Iceland, first dress a little warmer than you think. It was about 54-60 degrees FH but the wind is bitter so it felt more like 28 degrees. Iceland is pretty expensive, especially transportation, we stayed in a hotel outside the city Reykjavik to save money but we ended spending way more money to drive into Reykajavik for all the activities. So just spend the extra money to stay in Reykajavik, I promise you will end up saving money. The thing I love is they have the cleanest water so you can drink right out of the tap, even out of the public bathroom faucets PROMISE.

Things to do:

We went to the Blue Lagoon its the priciest GEO pool in Iceland but it was one of those things Jordan and I really wanted to do. If you want to save money there are hundreds of free hot springs all over Iceland, ask a random local and they will tell you their favorite spot to go.

We did the Golden Circle tour, they say it’s the best but J and I have been pretty spoiled when it comes to geysers, waterfalls and hot pots.  We have traveled all over to hike to some of the best geysers, waterfalls and hot pots. So I personally wasn’t too impressed with what we saw on the tour but that’s because I am comparing it to so many others. Don’t get me wrong it still took my breath away and I thought it was beautiful! If you haven’t seen anything like it before than you will love the Golden Circle tour.

Latrabjarg bird cliffs is a place I wanted to go but do to our delay we weren’t able to. It is a cliff side full of hundreds of different kinds of birds including puffins!! I love animals so anything animal related I am a sucker for. I really wanted to go play with the puffins so we will do that next time.

The last thing we want to come back and do is a tour through the glacier caves or better known as the crystal caves. Now this is something I have never seen before and would love too! I hear they are just mesmerizing, truly a unique thing to see. Here is a link to some of the tours we were looking into for next time.

Well that’s it for now, we were so jet lagged that we didn’t take any pictures haha just video so I hope you enjoyed the vlog above (don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE ) My next post will be on our experience in Paris!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Iceland: Couple Vlog Backpacking Europe & travel blog

  1. I just loved Iceland too and TOTALLY agree about the weather being wayyy cooler than expected. We went in early August and it was still really chilly. We luckily brought our winter coats from all the reading we did about how unpredictable the weather was, so happy we did! Blue Lagoon was sooo awesome too! If you go again I would recommend renting a car and driving around on your own, its super easy and almost impossible to get lost (basically one road to take around the entire country haha). So happy you guys had fun! Also, how freaking cool is your man? 30 countries before he hits 30, so jealous!


  2. That’s really cool, your husband’s goal is very cool! It’ll be easy, you’ll see! And I know how it feels – after that, the next goal is 50 🙂 And it’s great, the planet has so many beautiful things! So bad that there was a delay, and then it shortened the time in Iceland 😦 But there is more on the continent and you’ll enjoy a lot! I loved to know about the water 🙂 Hope you enjoy the trip a lot!

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