Winter layering staples + Pregnancy update


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Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday hope all is well! Things are going great over at the Sheffield’s a lot of things are happening around here! A lot of exciting changes, the main one of course is baby girl!! I can’t believe my pregnancy is half over! I truly love it, as most of you know it hasn’t been the smoothest pregnancy but its such an amazing miracle happening inside me I cant help but love it!!! I have honestly never felt more beautiful. I am still craving healthy food and am still on my anti nausea medication, if I don’t take it I throw up all day even though I am in the second trimester. Oh well! ha I am starting to feel baby girl move, a ton!! And I love it so much, Jord can’t feel her yet because she is underneath my placenta so when her kicks and wiggles get stronger he will be able to feel her.  She is already such a diva haha we had our big 20 week ultrasound appointment where they go in and look at all her organs and every inch of her body.  It was so amazing to be able to see her in such detail.  She was totally twerking I swear hahaha she is so active, especially with her legs, Jord and I were just cracking up watching her “twerk” she just wouldn’t stop moving her legs and little bum. She also wouldn’t stop staring at the camera, we could see her eyeballs it was CRAZY. It is so fun to already see her little personality develop. I love her so much and am growing so impatient waiting to meet her!!

We are rearranging all the rooms in our house to make room for baby girl’s nursery. Don’t worry there will be a reveal. I am working with MAREE BEDS to customize her crib and MAREE INTERIORS to design her nursery. I am so excited, they just measured her room the other week and we’ll have our first meeting to go over everything this week. It has really been a stress free process, I’ll I did was pin some of the things I liked, emailed them photos of what I wanted and they have taken it from there! I am excited to see what they come up with!! I am grateful for the ease of the process and that I can just enjoy the moment and watch everything come together!

The other big thing is Jordan and I just planned our Babymoon!! We are going to Europe! We were going to go to Thailand but there are some small outbreaks of Zika and I don’t want to take any chances so we’ll go there after baby comes.  So for our first destination we are headed to the last place I will get bitten by a Zika infused mosquito and that is ICELAND!! I am so excited I have always wanted to see the Northern lights and soak in the blue lagoon! From there we will go to Amsterdam & Belgium and then finish our trip in Paris! I haven’t been to too many countries so I am excited to explore the world with Jord.  He has traveled all over, 21 countries I believe.  He has a goal to do 30 countries before he is 30 so after this trip we have a year to go to 6 more countries in order to meet his goal. And I am not complaining because I LOVE to travel.

I haven’t found it too hard to dress my little bump, one thing I am loving though is long, tight, stretchy, shirts. I got this cute striped one from DAISY LOVE BOUTIQUE  it’s the perfect staple piece for Fall and Winter layering.  A pop of stripe I think is so cute! I love the fun pattern it adds to this sleek, leather, faux fur duo. I am a sucker for leather and faux fur and I just love the final touch this pattern adds to the whole look! I have been talking with the owner of the company Daisy Love and she is SO sweet! I love working with kind, hard working women.  Her business is doing so well and she has the cutest stuff. I am really happy for her and all of her success! She was kind enough to offer you guys a discount code, 20% off by using JENESSA20 at check out.  She has really cute booties and purses too! You could do all your Christmas shopping at this one boutique, which makes it nice and convenient.

I just want to say thank you to all my readers and supporters, I love sharing this journey with you. I especially appreciate your patience with me. I know content is few and far between but I will be quitting my job before we leave for Europe and will have much more time to jump back into regular blog posts and YouTube tutorials. I love you guys and hope you have a Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “Winter layering staples + Pregnancy update

  1. Looking more beautiful than ever, dear! Your leggings are lovely, vest and striped sweater as well! A very nice look! I hope your nausea stops, and craving for healthy food is good! Really great to travel to the places you mentioned – Brugges in Belgium is amazing, try Antwerp and Gent as well… it will be easy to reach the 30 countries! Hope you have a lovely week and Christmas!

    1. Denise!! Hi! Thank you for your sweet compliments!! Oh I am so excited to visit Europe, thank you for the recommendations! Hope all is well! loves!

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