Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Pretties!

I have been wanting to do more lifestyle posts lately, they are my favorite kind of blogs to read. No worries there will still be plenty of fashion and beauty posts but with my growing little family I thought it would be a perfect time to start adding lifestyle posts. Let me know your thoughts!

I don’t know if I am nesting or what but I have such a desire to be a legit house wife… now if you know me at all I am not very domestic so this has been a lifestyle change that I am loving!! I am not very good at it but I am proud of my small victories like baking a pie for Thanksgiving! Whoot whooo!! It was SO easy and yummy I got the recipe from HERE I just used the frozen Marie Calendars pie shell, frozen berries and a pre-made pie crust to make the criss cross action for the top of the pie… which I guess is called Latiss?? or something like that haha whatever I am still a work in progress but I am proud of my efforts.  Ill of course provide photos of my pie making below!

We always spend the Holidays with Jord’s family I am pretty much their daughter so we are always at his parents house.  It was so fun and so yummy! I totally made two plates, one I hid for later LOL I am so greedy haha give me a break I am pregnant…. that dish is sounding really good right now so I am going to wrap this up and go heat it up! My favorite Thanksgiving food is the ROLLS major heart eyes! What are some of your guys favorites??

I am so grateful for family! I can’t believe this time next year my baby girl will be about 6 months old!! I am so excited for her to get here!! I love being in a cozy home full of people laughing, teasing and cuddling!! I am grateful for my social media family and all the love you guys have sent my way!! I wish you all the very best and a happy Thanksgiving! Loves!! PS my whole family totally did a Thanksgiving Manaquin challenge check the clip below!!




img_0701-2 img_0696-2




img_0683-2 img_0680-2


img_0705 img_0641-2 img_0587-2 img_0588 img_0589 img_0590 img_0599-2 img_0673-2 img_0693-2 img_0694-2 img_0695-2 img_0739-2 img_0628-2

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