Gray Lace up Dress & pregnancy update

Hello Everyone!

First, I need to say thank you for all the love from my previous post! I use to be able to respond to every comment but now that I have a new job it is so hard to keep up with all of my social media.  I am so sorry, know that I see your comments and love them so much! At this time while I work temporarily I will be responding to my INSTAGRAM and Snapchat (JenessaSheffiel) and get to my blog/YouTube comments when I can find some spare time. Thank you for baring with me during these times, give me 5 more months and I will be back to my super active self that responds to all of my comments on every social platform!

Second, I have a bump update!! Right now I am loving fresh, healthy, raw, foods! Thank the heavens because that is the best thing for baby! I get super sick if I eat fast food or unhealthy items so Jord and I have becoming quite the little chefs in the kitchen to satisfy baby.  It’s been great because it has helped both Jordan and I get into a healthier lifestyle! Baby is the size of an orange this week and I totally know the gender!! EEK!! If you follow me on snapchat than you probably do too! but shhhh I am going to reveal the gender on Instagram in the next week and then do a blog post on our gender reveal party!! My pregnancy has been pretty rough, due to sickness.  The first 3 weeks I cried on the bathroom all most everynight and in the bathroom at work every day haha Those first few weeks were a huge adjustment to me because I was starving all day long but throwing everything up so it was just hard and i’ll I could do is cry! After the first month I figured my body out and was finally able to start enjoying the thought that I actually was pregnant!! I was and am still really sick but my doctor has prescribed me an anti nausea medication that has made the world of difference! I have started drinking a gallon of water everyday too, I use to do this on a regular basis but when I first got pregnant water made me sick… weird I know. But water is seriously magic, it has helped with headaches, body pains and over all just makes me feel fresher. Whether you are pregnant or not I def recommend you up your water in take!  My skin is super itchy and I have stretching pains in my lower abdomen but I guess that is normal because of my tummy growth! I can’t believe I have a little bump haha it makes me so giddy. I can 100% say I love being pregnant, it was confusing/hard those first 3 weeks but know I LOVE IT! If you have any questions let me know! Love you all!


img_9970-2 img_9962-2 img_9994-2 img_0002-2

Look at all those lovely lady lumps! I have never had curves before so I am really excited about my little tummy bump and booty hehe

img_9974-2 img_9979-2 img_9991-2 img_9976-2 img_9977-3 img_9995-2 img_9990-2 img_9985-2

Tunic: Here,  Similar

Pants: Here

Sunglasses: Here

Purse: Here

6 thoughts on “Gray Lace up Dress & pregnancy update

  1. That’s so lovely, so sweet pictures! I am sorry that you had some issues with food, throwing up, and even water and I hope it’s all gone now. And that you are not crying! As I read, you are fine now and enjoy the bump, it looks so lovely! I loved the grey dress with leggings! You look always very beautiful!

  2. I missed my bump and feeling all the little wiggles and hiccups. After my first it was almost like grief. I wonder, did you experience anything like that?

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