Case app

Hello Everyone!!

So much has been going on!! I have been doing a lot of exciting work on my YouTube channel so sorry for the delay in posts.  I am caught up to speed again and will be posting more frequently! I am still looking for a new photographer for my fashion posts so those might be a little sparse until I find a new one that I like.  My other one moved 😦 So honestly I have depended on selfies! LOL I got quite a few new phone cases that are super cute! I had some questions about them so I thought I would share! I got mine from CASEAPP I got a cute goldish one and then placed a sticky marble case over top of it! I love the outcome!! What do you think?  Something else I love about Caseapp is you can customize your on case.  So if there was a cute family photo you liked, you could upload it to their site and make a case with the photo on it! Super cute right!?! I’ll be filming a new tutorial this week so if you have any requests let me know in the comments.  Just to give you some tutorial ideas, makeup, hair, TAGS, challenges, Q&A.  Let me know and I’ll get started on it!!

Love you heaps!!




6 thoughts on “Case app

  1. I liked the selfie! Hope you find a new photographer soon! I think that for a new tutorial I would ask you about nails! But makeup is also great! Hope you have a nice week!

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