Menguin Me


Hello everybody!!

Hope you all enjoyed the long Fourth of July weekend! Life has been crazy! I don’t know about you but it seems like all I have been doing is wedding hopping! It is totally wedding season! I have more than enough to wear to weddings but when it comes to my husband his options are limited, especially when it comes to Black Tie dress code.  I came across this awesome company MENGUIN it is the most amazing online Tuxedo rental. If you are getting married or have a wedding to attend then you need to check this place out! 

It is so easy, my husband loves this, he is shocked he didn’t invent it first because it solves all his Tux drama.  In his experience with other tux rentals, something doesn’t fit right and usually other rental places only allow 48 hour pick up before the event, which is just crazy because that leaves practically zero time to fix it. So thank you Menguin for saving the day.  Menguin is the new way to rent a tux, it has the largest inventory in the U.S. 6 national distribution centers and 24-7 customer service. Menguin really does take the hassle and stress out of renting and getting fit for a tux.

There are 4 easy steps to get your Tux. It’s clean, fun, easy and active.


First, BUILD YOUR LOOK: Customize and style your tux to exactly your liking. You get to choose everything from neck-wear to shoes.  They will even send you free swatches!


Second, GET FITTED: There are two options to getting fit. One, take their tailor fit card and get your measurements from a tailor. Two, let them walk you through how to find your sizes in your closet. Menguin has a fit algorithm that they use on all orders and will reach out to customers if they have questions on the size and fits.


Third, ORDER SHIPS TO YOUR DOOR: Tux is shipped right to your doorstep 10-12 days before the event. Try it on within 24 hours and if something doesn’t fit right Menguin will expedite free replacements right away.


Fourth & can you believe last!? WEAR IT AND RETURN: Enjoy your evening then return it with the provided packaging, pre-paid return label and tape. You can drop it off to any local UPS.


So easy and so stylish! My husband and I love all the different trends because we can easily color coordinate. Yes, I am cheesy like that and like to match lol.  I hope you check it out let me know what you think! Have a great day. #MenguinMe


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