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Hello everyone!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful memorial weekend.  Mine was great, we celebrated by having our first house warming party with the family.  It was so fun to host a dinner party, have family over and share our home with them! We also finished the night off with a little basketball… any Warriors fans out there!? That series gave me major anxiety haha so glad it’s over and they made it to the finals!!! I have teamed up with ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bar to bring to you 5 things I incorporate into my schedule to help me stay on top of my schedule as well as prioritize important things into my day.  I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I get so focused on work that I forget to do things that make me happy, so by the end of the week I am not my outgoing self. As well as keeping my self scheduled, I make sure I add in fun time into each day.  This way I don’t burn myself out and I stay balanced. I am extremely busy, I have a full time corporate job and I blog full time, in addition to that I have a YouTube channel that takes up a lot of my time as well. At the end of my long busy days at my corporate job sometimes I am too tired to work on my blog, which is a shame because my blog is the job I love the most! Here is a life hack on 5 things I have incorporated into my day to keep me on my schedule and get things accomplished on my list for the day without feeling overwhelmed and still be able to enjoy my hobbies.  Number one on my list is snacking smart/healthy. At the end of the day I have a quick bar to eat to give me the extra energy and kick I need to pump out some great material on my blog and YouTube channel.  Of course that Bar is the ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bar.  These bars are perfect for a high energy lifestyle not to mention they are a fantastic healthy snack option! Life doesn’t slow down just because you are tired or hungry.  These bars aren’t just a pick me up.  They are a straight up, all-in, get after it, lift me up bar! I purchased my bars from Walmart where they are having a bundle offer.  Buy 2 boxes of ZonePerfect® and save up to $4, Click HERE for more info. Below are my hacks!!


1.  I have a strict sleep schedule that I make sure to stick to, having a sleeping routine is very important to me. It helps the next day go a lot smoother.  My routine in 11:00-6:00

2. I eat a big healthy breakfast, it is so important to have a strong healthy breakfast. We have heard this a million times and it’s for a good reason.  I have much more productive days when I have a big breakfast and it is because I have so much fuel from my breakfast.

3. I keep a planner.  Having a planner really helps me not get overwhelmed. I am that person that keeps a list and if I don’t write it down, I try to remember everything I have to do that day.  That causes unnecessary stress, I have found that when I write down everything I need to do that day it takes a load off my shoulders. I can write it down and forget about it because I know as I go through my day and look through my planner I will be reminded to check that task off my list.

4. Snack Prep.  I do a lot of driving during the day and sometimes I don’t have time to stop for lunch.  I make sure to pack lots of snacks that will fuel me with energy and gives me a healthy option so I am not tempted to quickly go through a fast food drive through. I don’t think it is any surprise that one of my go to snacks is ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bars.

5. Lastly, I have something at the end of the day that helps me unwind.  I make sure to put away all work/blog stuff when Jordan gets home from work.  It is important to balance work life and family life.  Having family time with Jordan is so important for us, it helps both of us unwind. We are able to forget about all of our work demands and focus on the valuable things life has to offer, like family.  This time helps me not burn out because I am balancing out my priorities.  It is totally doable to be a successful career woman and hold your family together, you just have to balance it all out.

 IMG_5459 (2)

I hope you enjoyed this post and gave you some ideas as to how you can stay in control of your schedule while still prioritizing important hobbies & family time.  I am excited to hear how you guys like these ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bars like mentioned earlier, you can find them at Walmart.  Mine were at the end of the Vitamins aisle below is a photo to reference.



5 thoughts on “Zone Perfect nutrition bar

  1. You surely are very busy! I am a fussy eater and I think that this bar would be perfect for me! I need something nutritious and fast and this is really good – also the price is nice!

  2. I’m not familiar with ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars but they sound like the perfect healthy snack to keep your energy up during a busy day! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    xo, jackie

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