How to apply blue eye shadow


Hello everyone!!

As you guys know I am all for stretching myself and challenging my skills. Especially, when it comes to makeup! For the longest time I have feared blue eye shadow LOL and I get a feeling I am not alone in this.  It is just not something we comfortably reach for. However, I am all about being fearless so lets overcome this silly fear together!! I am going to show you how to apply blue eye shadow, plus aqua eyes are a huge trend this Summer, dont you want to jump on board!? It is so much fun! So let me show you how it is done!  Feel free to SUBSCRIBE i’d love to have you all join the family.  Thank you so much for all your support, seriously every kind word or subscription alert I get just melts my soul.  This isn’t just makeup to me, this is my heart and passion, makeup is my safe place.  Some where I can go to create and be free of the world and just be me, its my passion and I love doing it for all of you! So thanks for all the love!! 


39 thoughts on “How to apply blue eye shadow

  1. Loved the singing 🙂 Do go on serenading, I found it nice! And yes, blue is a difficult shade to match or to wear it right, so well done, it looks great!

    1. haha it seriously can go from good to bad in about 3 seconds haha happy to hear you enjoyed the tutorial!!

  2. I used to wear blue eye shadow in high school for football and basketball games when I was a cheerleader and look at back at pictures and cringe haha! I could not apply that blue shadow for the life of me! You on the other hand, do an amazing job! ❤

    1. hahaha whatever, a unicorn could puke on you and you would still look gorgeous!! LOL Thanks for stopping by! xo

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