5 things you can do to become a morning person

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Good morning everyone!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Jordan and I spent the weekend celebrating his birthday, wahoo!! We hiked up to Fifth water hot springs, it was so much fun hiking with friends and family and just relaxing in nature’s bath tub.  The water was so clear and blue it was really cool, if you are ever in Utah be sure to check them out!  On top of that I had a ton of events for friends, work, and my blog so safe to say it was a pretty crazy weekend. Nothing unusual for me though.  It seems everyday is completely jam packed, which I prefer.  I am young and ambitious now is the time to run around like a mad man and get stuff done, we can rest when we’re old LOL! I have an extremely busy schedule, trying to fit everything into one day can cause you to forget to take care of yourself. Lately, I have found that if I wake up early I have time to go to the gym and eat breakfast, which is huge for my happiness. The days I don’t wake up early I am a stress case, the problem is, I hate mornings. I am not a morning person at all! I have started doing 5 things each morning to help me become a morning person. This life hack is something every young adult should incorporate into their routine. It has helped me feel better each day and more motivated to wake up and get things done. Giving me plenty of time to enjoy the parties and events I have going on at the end of the day.  One thing I have incorporated into my routine is taking vitamins. Now if you are anything like me than taking a pill every morning just isn’t going to fly, that is why I prefer Centrum Vitamints Raspberry.  It is super easy, it is a vitamin mint, cool right!? It is easy to store in your purse, car, desk anywhere really and then pop one in your mouth and go! Raspberry is the newest flavor, which i’m obviously obsessed with considering raspberries are my favorite fruit LOL! I also use the Centrum Gummies they are a nice sweet treat when you are craving candy haha, don’t take more than suggested though.  I love how easy these little babies make it to help your overall health*. Below is my life hack tutorial, I do these 5 things each day I wake up to help me become a morning person.


1.  I feel the groggiest when I jump out of bed right when my alarm goes off, so I give myself some time to wake up.  I sit up in bed and get caught up on the news by scrolling through my phone for about 15 minutes. Lets be honest by news I mean social media lol. I have noticed that by taking the time to wake up I am not irritable in the morning I am now more likely to respond to you when you talk to me haha.


2.  Instead of jumping to caffeine, try waking up to a drink that will do you some good in the long run… you may find this drink hard to find but I promise it’s worth it, it’s an old ancient remedy that people used way back in the day.  It’s called…. WATER!! Hello people don’t forget one of life’s most essential items.  I wake up and a enjoy a simple cup (full cup) of water while I wake up, it helps reboot your body.  We have been sleeping between 6-8 hours with out anything to drink, your body is dehydrated, take care of it with something that it will thank you for all day. Drinking water right when you wake up will also jump start your metabolism. Try to drink water through out the whole day, I drink a gallon of water a day and I notice a huge difference when I don’t. Water is so amazing for you.


3. When I have finally gotten out of bed the first thing I do is wash my face, with COLD water.  The cold water refreshes and wakes me up, cold water is so amazing on your skin.  When you are sleeping your body gets rid of all sorts of toxins that just sit on top of your face, be sure to scrub all those off. Cold water also brings back the correct color to your face and helps reduce any puffiness and believe it or not it will help your makeup application go on smoother.


4. Make time to eat a healthy well balanced breakfast, skipping this meal or even rushing it with a breakfast bar will end in a giant crash around 3, which just so happens to be the time when things start picking up for me.  So crashing at this time is just unacceptable, I need to have energy, be quick minded, and to have my personality shine during those hours. Eating a balanced breakfast helps keep me on track throughout the day.  I do this with a smoothie full of balanced fruits, veggies, protein, carbs and the right kind of sugars.


5. Last but not least, I pop my vitamins in my mouth as I go out the door.  It is crazy what vitamins can do for your overall health.



I purchased my Centrum products from Walmart by the pharmacy, you can use the photo above to reference, which aisle it is in (Vitamin aisle).  Hope you liked this post and find these hacks as helpful as they have been for me! Enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints. Be sure to check out the coupons HERE. What are some things that help you become a morning person?



*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

13 thoughts on “5 things you can do to become a morning person

  1. So nice that you had a hectic weekend, and celebrated your husband’s birthday! Nice to go to “nature’s bath tub” 🙂 I heard that Centrum is very good, but I still have to make up my mind to take it. After the wine flu, I got scared, I need vitamins. I am not really a morning person either, but I started to do more things lately. I watch the news, I never drink coffee, just water. It really gives more energy, I think! Lovely post, it shows it’s possible to change!

    1. Thanks Denise so happy to hear you agree and I am happy to hear there is another non coffee drinker out there yay for water haha

    1. oh my that is so funny, because I love warm water too, my husband lived in Tokyo for 5 years and says he feels like i have more Asian traits then him haha

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