Coachella fringe skirt from Shein

Hello my people!!

I am so excited about today’s blog post!! Its a Coachella inspired OOTD featuring this super cute SKIRT from SHEIN yay! It has been a minute since I have done a fashion post.  I have had zero time to get out to a photo shoot during all this house business. So thank you, thank you!! for being so understanding and patient with me! Things are finally slowing down around the house, things are all put away and we finally got a bed! Yay! haha We have friends staying with us right now, which is so much fun! I have never had the opportunity to host before and I love it!! I feel bad because are house is still empty lol our furniture doesnt arrive for a few more days.  We got new everything so I am not exaggerating when I say our house is empty like not even a stool to sit on in the kitchen. haha J and I legit are eating picnic style on floor on a blanket haha it has been so much fun.  The only thing that is finished is my beauty room (priorities lol) and Jordan’s closet he collects shoes so it was just as important to him as it was to me to get all our clothes hung up and put away nicely haha This look was inspired by a pool party I attended a little bit ago.  I didnt want to get in the water because we had stuff the next morning and washing and doing my hair again was not an option haha so I wore something that resembled a swimsuit so I didnt stand out in a full on outfit but still looked nice enough where people knew not to push me into the pool haha It was one of those pool parties where girls are decked out in the most elaborate swimsuits, you know the ones not meant for swimming haha I dont think I saw one girl in the swimming pool LOL haha whatever it was still fun.  I also thought this would be the perfect Coachella outfit if you are into music festivals. I got this super cute SKIRT from SHEIN it was only $16 it is super cute! I picked a few other pieces that you could use to create this look (down below), some more modest for women who want to wear it to church or work or something and then others for a pool party event! I hope you enjoy I love your guts so much!!!



Top, similar || Skirt ||




48 thoughts on “Coachella fringe skirt from Shein

  1. Hope the furniture arrives soon! And I am sure that your friends liked your house anyway, friends are friends :)! This look is amazing! I loved the skirt (I love fringes) and the top is amazing! You always look stunning!

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