Cut Crease eye makeup

Hello everyone!

I should start off my apologizing for my inconsistency I have really tried not to let my baby (my blog) slip while J and I close on our house and move in.  Buying a house is a lot crazier than I thought haha it hasn’t been the smoothest ride, due to our lender but our Realtor Kathy aka KO was so amazing and made sure things went well! She really took care of us and got us everything we wanted so yay for Kathy!! We move into our house today!! Onto today’s post! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or snapchat: JENESSASHEFFIEL Then you are aware that I started 100 days of makeup.  I love everyday glam makeup looks, but I felt the need to stretch myself and really challenge my makeup artistry. So I came up with my very own 100 days of makeup, every 3 days I will have a theme dedicated to something I want to work on.  Day 1-3 I decided to do cut creases, below are the ones I decided to do.  If you would like to join me on my journey feel free to participate! On snapchat I let you know the current themes I am working on and what themes are coming up next.  Get ready for days 4-6 they are going to be way outside my comfort zone. SFX makeup eeeeek! Ill be doing scars it has been so fun experimenting with new kinds of makeup I cant wait to show you what I have come up with!!!  I hope you enjoy! If you decide to do my 100 days of makeup be sure to use my hashtag #JenessaSheffield and tag me on Insta @Jenessa4 so I can see your work!! Thanks for all the encouragement I have received on my little project it means more than you know!


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65 thoughts on “Cut Crease eye makeup

  1. So nice that you are buying a house and so, don;t worry, I guess we can all understand – it’s more important than posting, no doubt, and requires all your attention! I loved the makeup, but love the nails, particularly! A color I really like! Hope you have a nice week ahead!

  2. Congrats on buying your new house! I hope the rest is smooth sailing for you guys. Beautiful job on your eyes, love all three colour combos. I’m now following you on snapchat so I can see more of your 100 days of make up.
    Have a great week!

    xo, jackie

    1. Hi Claudia!! Thanks for the visit! so happy to hear you like my work!! Cant wait to check your out! Have a great weekend!! xo

    1. Thank you Lauren! It is so funn! I cant wait for you and your hubs to get a home, for sure holla I am here for you! xo

    1. haha you are too sweet! you should give it a try! Im totally here to help if you have questions along the way! xo

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