How to Apply False Eyelashes Tutorial

Hey guys!!

I had some requests to do a tutorial on the ins and outs of false Eyelashes.  Below is a tutorial on How to Apply False Eyelashes.  You can SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel HERE if you would like to.  Applying false eyelashes is essential and can really transform your whole look. However, they can be pretty tricky to put on.  Especially, if you are a beginner, they can be a little uncomfortable.  In this tutorial I give tips on what lashes to wear for beginners. As well as, teaching everyone how to trim their lashes to their specific eye shape.  Trimming your eyelashes is so important, not only do they look way better and more natural but the comfort level is out of this world! Let me know in the comments below if there are any questions or if you have any other tutorial requests. My next tutorial will be on how to blend eye shadow properly, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you dont miss out! Hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for all the love on my posts, they seriously make my day!


Here are a few of my favorite eyelash styles & brands

84 thoughts on “How to Apply False Eyelashes Tutorial

  1. That is very nice! Because I have sensitive eyes, so I cant apply, but I will send the post to a friend who loves that, I am sure she will love the tutorial!

    1. yessss girl do it! they will change your life!! Let me know if you need any additional tips during the process! xo

    1. haha I use to be the same way annessa! no worries with time you will totally get it! I am glad you found this useful! xo

    1. yay!! thanks for the support babe! Let me know if there are any specific tuts you are interested in me doing! xo

  2. You have the most gorgeous eyes and the eye makeup you wore here really made them stand out and girl those teeth, perfectly white pearly whites! I can’t apply lashes for the life of me, it’s really bad. I tried once and the stupid things wouldn’t stick on right; I have such small eyes! Then, when I finally got them on, it felt like I had fuzzy caterpillars lounging on my eyelids, lol. So, I will definitely need to reference this video again and when I’m in the mood to wear them! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a fabulous weekend, girlie!



    1. oh you are the sweetest thank you Jalisa!! haha girrrl you have no idea! I was the exact same way when I first started wearing them. It takes practice but when you figure it out you really notice a difference! Keep trying and let me know if you need any other pointers xo

    1. haha YAY!!! so happy to hear that!! no worries though its a learning curve every girl has to endure! xo

  3. Nice tutorial! I’ll suggest to my friends…personally I don’t use false-eyelashes ’cause mine are long and a lot so there’s not a big difference,but I think your tutorial will be useful (I saw a lot of girls with false-eyelashes bad placed with a terrible effect). Kisses

    1. lucky girl!! I wish I had long lashes!! Thank you for supporting my channel enough to share it with your friends!! xo

    1. haha no worries I use to be awful at applying lashes I had to set aside 10 extra minutes just to put them on LOL SO happy you found this tutorial helpful!!

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