White Summer Dress

Good morning my people!

So todays post is a throw back to when Jordan and I were in Costa Rica.  I wasn’t planning on sharing these just because I believe in quantity over quality.  Typically I like to play vogue model when I do my outfit shoots, so everything from my hair, makeup to location is pretty extreme. Welll these pics are just average, I am awful at photo editing and just dont like how I edited them.  But I love this white Summer dress and I have had to cancel my photoshoots twice now because its been snowing and I refuse to do another Winter outfit post. I have moved onto Spring and Summer as I am sure all of you have to! So thats that, the only good weather photos I have are from my trip.  Jordan was so sweet to take these pics for me, he really doesnt like playing photographer so its a big deal when he does. Thanks babe!! If you missed my latest YouTube tutorial Ill link it below, its focused on how to contour your nose.  It would make me one happy camper if you SUBSCRIBED to my channel thanks all! White dresses are always so trendy during the warmer months. I stocked up on quite a few, ranging in different styles & lengths Ill post a few of my faves below as well!




74 thoughts on “White Summer Dress

  1. Oh what are you talking about woman! These pictures are beautiful! My girlfriend is going to Costa Rica in November. Looks like you had a great time there.

    1. thank you jackie! i am really loving embroidered dresses lately! and yes costa rica is so beautiful! you must visit if you haven’t already!

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