Eye Lash Extensions by Rachel Copeland

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!! A few months ago I had pleasure to be apart of a photoshoot and my makeup artist was this beautiful girl RACHEL  She also does eyelash extensions.  Now I have had horrible experiences with eyelash extensions, they just always look way bad on me.  She convinced me to let her do mine, I loved them!!  So when I found out we were going to Costa Rica I called her up to see if she would do them again for me! Eye lash extensions are perfect for vacations and Summer time because you always look ready!

There is a big difference in getting your eyelashes done by somebody who is educated like Rachel, she determines what lashes she is going to use based off of your unique eye shape.  This way you dont look like you have a giant spider stuck in your eyeball.  There are so many different lash extension. She uses a wide variety of lengths, curls and volume so the lashes are long and full in all the right place and light and airy in others.  I love that she does that because it makes the lashes look all the more natural.  No joke I had three people ask me if they were my real lashes, now that is when you know they are bomb!

Anyways, Rachel did such a good job! I had to introduce you guys to her, if you are in Utah be sure to hit her up.  You can follow her on INSTAGRAM for beauty tips too!



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68 thoughts on “Eye Lash Extensions by Rachel Copeland

    1. thanks nancy!! these are the best my eyes have looked!! i love these lashes!! and my dress is from hot Miami styles! my favorite shop! hope you have a great weekend love!

    1. thanks quinn!! if you go to the right person there is nothing to worry about! I love them, especially during the summer!

  1. Your eyelashes look amazing, Rachel did an amazing job! (And I’m seriously wishing I lived in Utah right now so I could book her.) I have always been so nervous to get extensions because of horror stories I’ve heard, but I think this post convinced me to give them a try 🙂

    xoxo Nicole


    1. thanks love!! oh bummer, i wish you were out here too! Yeah make sure who ever does your lashes is educated!! it will make it a much better experience!

    1. thanks love! i felt the same way! I dont like when you can tell people are wearing false eyelashes or if they look too heavy and make your eyes droopy!Thanks for the sweet compliments! xo

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