black leather black lace bodysuit

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Good morning people!!

I have addiction to black!! It doesnt matter what season it is, I will wear all black, all leather everyday all day!! I secretly wish I was in the CIA.  An all black leather outfit is the closest I will ever get to that LOL One of my favorite pieces is the lacy bodysuit I am wearing.  Bodysuits have become SO trendy! I totally get it, they are comfy, slim and make an outfit effortlessly chic!! I wore this one before in ANOTHER POST with a nude cami underneath so you could see the details.  To be honest I hate it with a nude undershirt, it looks SO much better with a black cami underneath and you can still see the details!! If you dont have a bodysuit, you need one! I linked some of my favorites below! Hope you all have a very enjoyable day!!






91 thoughts on “black leather black lace bodysuit

    1. no they are so cute and make it so nice because you dont have to worry about tucking in your shirt, it stays tucked and looks so slender!!

  1. Have you read my post on wednesday ? I got into trouble with the bodysuit! Lol. I love it when you wear a rockchick outfit! I also love black & leather. Great peeptoes!

  2. This photo set is pretty cool because the black of your outfit is so well contrasted by the bright red of the door behind you. Beyond looking stylish it is important for a fashion blogger to have the right style of photo and I think that you have found a perfect way to showcase your outfit in a totally “pinnable” way. Presentation is everything, you know? So I just wanted to take a moment to say that you’re doing a great job in that respect.


    1. wow I really appreciate that! You seriously made my day, its nice to know you are doing something right. Thanks again! I hope you have a great day!

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