Ice Castles in Midway Utah


I had so many kids run up to me to give me hugs and take me pics they thought I lived here and was a queen LOL so cute!!

_MG_3182[1]_MG_3133[1]_MG_3108[1]_MG_3085[1]_MG_2780[1]_MG_3199[1]_MG_3162[1]_MG_3088[1]_MG_3017[1]_MG_2804[1]_MG_3193[1]_MG_3158[1]_MG_3075[1]_MG_3183[1]_MG_2708[1]_MG_3066[1]Dress: Natalie Wynn Design  || Lipstick || Eye-Shadow ||

Good Morning Everyone!! Today’s post is a little special.  This week is my Birthday!! If you have followed me for a while then you know just a regular birthday photoshoot would not do.  I have to take all my shoots to the extreme! Haha and whats more extreme than dressing in a gown fit for a queen parading around a giant castle made purely out of ice with balloons??? LOL I loved this shoot it was so fun, I loved being able to get creative and I am so happy I had a PHOTOGRAPHER that was on my same page and could capture such beautiful shots!  I am really excited for my birthday.  Jordan has something secret planned so Ill let you know what we do!!  Thanks for all the love and celebrating with me!  Below are a few gowns fit for Valentine’s Day Enjoy!!


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92 thoughts on “Ice Castles in Midway Utah

    1. thank you so much rach! i had a blast on this shoot! and i know arent kids the cutest!!! thanks for the bday wishes! xo

  1. Hello again! I was “off”, travelling, and when back I swear I needed recovery from holidays!I loved this photoshoot, amazing!!!! So ethereal and beautiful! And happy birthday then! Mine was last week, so we re both Aquarians, nice to know it!

    1. thank you vanessa! i really loved how these pics turned out!! thanks for the lovely wishes. hope your vday was great as well!

    1. thank you love! this really was so much fun! My favorite thing about blogging is creating these shoots! thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you babe! Love these pictures, such a cool location! You are a beautiful snow queen! I look forward to reading about your bday surprise.

    xo, Jackie

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