Bear Lake Utah Cisco Disco

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Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! It snowed like crazy all weekend so J and I just cozied up and watched movies all weekend with friends. We left the house once to go to the gym and then we ate all the calories we had just burned off by eating burgers at Lucky 13. Such an amazing burger place, if you crave blue cheese the way I do than you will love the stinky cheese burger yum! Also, make sure to add bacon to any burger because their’s is out of this world!!!

As promised I told you I would talk about J and I’s family get away over the last weekend.  We went to Bear Lake Utah for the Cisco Disco event.  It was so much fun!! Probably a new Winter tradition!  What it is, is basically ice fishing. A certain time of year a fish (cisco) spawn (mate) up at bear lake.  They all flood into the lake from the rivers looking for one another! There must have been thousands, just scurrying around beneath the ice under us! It was an amazing site to see.  So what you do is cut out a section of ice, dip your net into the water and the fish swim right into your net (you can only keep a certain amount & release the others). Presto dinner is served! Its fun, because everyone is out on the ice camped up next to fires frying up their fish.  There is chili and hot chocolate contests and at the end of it all they do the polar bear plunge…. yep you guessed it everyone jumps into the freezing cold water!!! LOL it was so much fun, everyone is so friendly, its like a giant dinner party on the ice.  If you are ever in Utah be sure to check it out! The most inexperienced fishing person can handle it! I cant wait to go back next year!! I only had this one pic from the event, its my husbands instagram pic  LOL


I love the outdoors, I feel so free, there really is no other place I’d rather be than exploring the outdoors.  The scenery was so beautiful up at our cabin.  It is lakeside so there are some of the most beautiful views! The blue iced lake and snowy fields were just mesmerizing, I wasn’t planning to do an outfit shoot here, but the scenery was to gorgeous not to!!! I only brought one outfit with me and wore it on repeat, we were only there two days haha so this is the only one I could shoot with.  It worked out great though, because this sweater is gorgeous and my number one go to when its freezing and I am in need of something cozy! Below I have listed a few other blanket sweaters.  Hope you enjoy!! Love you all!


54 thoughts on “Bear Lake Utah Cisco Disco

    1. Thank you Jackie!! I love this blanket, it is pretty much the same material as my sweater LOL so i was super warm!

    1. hahaha there was too much adrenaline involved no one thought to take pics we were just thinking of closest fire pit to warm up next to! LOL

    1. thank you christine! yes def suggest it! It is such a fun activity to bond over!! thanks for the sweet compliments! xo

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