Black Overall and Bookstores

IMG_7873IMG_7902IMG_7913IMG_7871IMG_7895IMG_7882IMG_7812IMG_7787Overalls|| Top|| Beanie||Bag||Sunnies||shoes||

Good morning everyone!!

Todays outfit was totally inspired by my beautiful friend Vanessa from WHATWOULDVWEAR.NET she is wonderful and inspiring fashion blogger from Chicago who I met through blogging…duh LOL not only is she beautiful on the outside but the inside as well be sure to check her out!

My favorite item is the gorgeous TOP I have been looking for a lace up shirt like this ever since I saw Vanessa’s post.  It is so edgy and feminine.  All the tops I found like this were super expensive.  However, I found this one at SHEIN for $12!!!

I had the opportunity to work with SHEIN they are an Asian based company where you can get clothing items at a whole sale price. I love it, they aren’t knock off brands or anything like that.  They just cut out the middle man, so instead of selling their pieces to Nordstrom (and then Nordstrom jacks up the prices) they just sale it straight to the consumer.  Such a smart idea!! I shopped here before they even reached out to me. So even though this is a sponsored post, I totally stand by them one hundred percent.  I did have a few concerns (when I first heard of them), with it being based in a different country. Those were, shipping/payment and how the clothing fit/could I return it.  Before they reached out to me I took a gamble and just ordered from them, I went big, I ordered 4 dresses a coat and a few tops. Quite the gamble lol but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was.  The pieces came to me in great condition and looked just like the picture, they have a very helpful sizing chart. Dont just go off your original size, take the time to measure your hips or whatever and compare it to the sizing chart and get the size based off that.  I am usually a XS S, some clothes from here I get in that size but other times I get medium or even large so pay attention to the chart.  There is also an online chat to answer questions.  So when they reached out to me I was really excited to get more pieces.  I got this TOP because I really wanted to recreate one of Vanessa’s outfits, I already had the overalls but I love how she had a feminine sassy TOP underneath.  So I was super happy when SHEIN had this TOP on their website.  Be sure to check them out, seriously such great quality and inexpensive stuff. I LOVE THIS STORE!   Hope you have a great weekend!


82 thoughts on “Black Overall and Bookstores

  1. Sexy! Gorgeous top! Love this look from head to toe.
    I remember seeing this on Vanessa’s blog too ( she really is amazing and beautifully inside & out ) and thinking the same thing.
    Now you’ve both made me want this top. Yeah, I definitely need to order it. Can I ask what size you got it in? I’m usually a xs or small.
    Have a great weekend!

    xo, jackie

    1. I know she did an awesome job styling it! that is why I had to recreate it!! I love her! I got it in a size small, you have to get it, it will look fabulous on you!

    1. I know she is the best!! I am glad you like the outfit and location, I loved this post and am happy with how it turned out!! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading XO

  2. Wow, I ordered on Monday also a laceup top! Had to order it at a American online store because what you said, they were al ordered out or to expansive. I just received a mail that it had been shipped! I am gonna take a look now at Vanessa het blog. Bye bye, have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Nancy!! SO glad you ordered one of these tops! they are so cute and super trendy! I cant wait to see how you style it!! loves!!

    1. isnt she the best!! I was hesitant to try overalls at first too! Try something you are comfortable with, that is why I went with skinny leg and black. Now I love them!!

    1. Hey girl! thanks for the sweet compliments, I really loved how these photos turned out too! and of course I followed you back! Happy to connect! xo

    1. I was a little hesitant at first too, thats why I went with something I am comfortable with, skinny leg and black. I really love them now!

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