New Years 2016 vlog The Sheffields Snowbird Resort

Hey guys!

I received such positive feed back from my last vlog I thought it was time to do another one!  I think these will be a regular item on my blog.  I am glad you guys like vlogs because I love doing them.  Jordan just bought me a gopro so I could make better vlogs on our vacations and outdoor adventures. I am super excited about it because 1. its waterproof 2. it has a selfie stick!! after you watch the vlog above you will understand the excitement about the selfie stick LOL

For New Years Eve Jordan and I did something new, we went up to SNOWBIRD! It was a blast, we go there often since we live so close.  They have yummy restaurants, our favorite is the Aerie Restaurant my favorite dish is the Curry-Braised Lamb shank and Jordan’s is the Aerie Burger.  You guys have to go there even if its just for dessert.  It has one of the most amazing views, the mountains are breathtaking, every season the view seems to get better LOL  There are so many reasons I love Snowbird but another big reason is the SPA! During the Winter J and I come up here all the time, they have the best treatments but our favorite is coming up after a long work week and enjoying their outdoor spa.  It is so peaceful and relaxing, it is our favorite to just soak up in the hot tubs under the stars and snow capped trees looking at the beautiful mountains.  Needless to say whether you are a ski bum or not you need to go to Snowbird and check out what they have in store for you.  Like I said we went up there for New Years and it was amazing, they do such a great job hosting events. They had a light show on the slopes and a huge firework show (that I cant believe I missed, the vlog with explain that LOL) tonz of dancing and great places to eat! Let me know if you have any questions about the place, I have so many other things to recommend!

Snowbird amenities

     I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful support you guys brought to my blog during 2015 I am excited to see our growth in 2016! love you all! Hope you guys enjoy the vlog! Happy New Year!!


47 thoughts on “New Years 2016 vlog The Sheffields Snowbird Resort

    1. thanks Vanessa! I am so happy you enjoy them! I appreciate the support, wishing you the same! You are the sweetest! loves!

    1. thank you Kathy it was a lot of fun! haha I know such a bummer, next time I will wear snowboots and leave the cute boots behind LOL

    1. oh you are so sweet!! thank you for the compliments!! i am the happiest that you found joy from the film and felt apart of it!!! I cant wait to share the next one with you! xo

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