White blouse & leather skirt

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Good Morning!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday morning  and great start to your week! I am really looking forward to this week.  I got a good nights sleep last night and woke up ready to begin my week… Last week was rough, sleepless nights and things just werent going as planned.  Needless to say I am happy I woke up well rested and feeling fresh so I can make up for last week haha

 This is one of my favorite outfits and photo shoots I just feel like both the outfit and the style of the shoot are very me.  Sometimes in the blogging industry especially fashion it is easy to lose sight of who you are.  Due to demanding trends and sticking to what “the people” want to see.  It’s rare that I get caught up in all of that but I am human and we all do that sometimes.  But for me nothing speaks my name more than a classy edgy outfit and a photoshoot that allows me to feel some depth and get creative.  I have always been one to surprise people, the average person looks at me and thinks I am a superficial girl who needs nice clothes and cant go anywhere without a caked up face.  But the truth is I crave adventure, I love the unknown. Nothing makes me feel more alive then exploring old things that use to hold value and are now dusty and forgotten.  Much like the house I am in above.  I love exploring old abandoned buildings, letting my mind run wild trying to understand the people who lived here and why the house was forgotten.  If I am not “breaking and entering” I can be found in old book stores and antique shops I could get lost for hours running my hands over the old jewelry boxes and china dishes collecting dust in shops or flipping threw old history books and novels that never received the stamp “New York’s best seller” I guess I find joy in this because, despite my appearance I like to look past the best of the best and look to find the beautiful items that for some reason were over looked.  Those are the gems those are the things that hold so much depth and will give you a story that will fill that void of curiosity inside you. I guess I hope to never be a beautiful thing that is over looked.  So I make sure to NEVER over look any person or thing based on its condition but to first understand the person/thing and find the beauty hidden in its depth.

 I wasnt expecting to write something so deep and personal today but sometimes it just spills out haha Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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49 thoughts on “White blouse & leather skirt

    1. thanks Vanessa! I love the way it turned out too! Of course, I am so happy for you and am so glad we met, you always inspire me. Thanks love!

  1. Love this post! You look stunning and this outfit is something I would totally wear to work! Love it! I completely understand what you mean! I love exploring old building/homes/antique stores ect. and thinking about who used to possess or use it when it was new! Happy Monday!


  2. This is SUCH a great post! First of all the shoot is stunning, really love your body of work and sticking with your personal style; I find it really unique! I enjoyed reading your thoughts too on blogging and how hard it can be to stay true to yourself.

    xo, Alice || Alice + TYPENU Co

    1. oh you just made me so happy! Thanks ALice! I am glad you can appreciate where I am coming from!! Its so fun to find your “voice” creating a style for your own blog was tricky at first but once you find it there is so much more joy in creating content! stay true to you! loves!

    1. yay! I love being able to relate to other people who have a love for antiques! thanks for the sweet compliments! xo

  3. I think youre kitchen is very different!…..hahaha just kiddfing. That is what makes your blog so interesting, that you write from your hart and we get to know you a bit better. Pleased never let money or making money influence your blog!
    By the way, your outfit is great!

    1. haha girl got jokes… I love it!! thank you so much for your comments, you seriously made my day! I am happy you like me for me. You inspire me to always be true to me and do this because I love it! Thanks Nancy! xo

  4. Wow beautiful, edgy look Jenessa. Don’t worry you’ll never be over looked. It’s great that you don’t give in to what “people” demand to see. Most bloggers blindly follow every trend. They have lost their authenticity (look all the same). I don’t follow their blogs anymore. They have become so boring 😀 I’m looking forward to see your new outfit. Happy Tuesday!


  5. I love what you wrote. I’ve felt judged for being superficial, though I don’t judge others based on looks. Some people love other things like cooking or cars or travel…all of those things are just as non-essential yet enrich our lives, so why does anything having to do with fashion or beauty have to be labeled as superficial in such a negative way? There is always the possibility of substance underneath and there is always a history. I love what you said about old books and antique shops. I love those things too. And have to say how much I LOVE that skirt and those pumps!! Great shots.:)


    1. thanks Krisztina, you are so right. It shouldnt matter what somebody loves, if it isnt hurting anybody else and enriches your life you should just go with it! Im glad you can relate to my love for antiques, it is so fun! Thanks for the sweet comments and dont worry about the judgment! LOVES!

  6. You look super sharpy girly…!
    I love the backdrop you selected for this shoot. You always explore interesting areas for your posts!

    I hope your week this week is much better. I’ve been stressed a lot lately too! Having difficulty sleeping, and staying asleep. Honestly, I think I’m still off from being on vacation over the holidays and staying up late and sleeping in. Haha… but back to work is stressful…and so is life. We gotta get through it through, right!? Right!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Buffalo Plaid Dress

    1. Thanks love! haha yes that would be a problem I run into far more cats then mice though. So you might have some luck haha

  7. What a cool spot for a photo shoot! Makes you curious to know what went on there.
    I love your skirt, its fits you like a glove! Very sharp look! Love it.

    xo, jackie

  8. Amazing outfit Jenessa! I love the white & burgundy combo a lot. You look great and you have beautiful make up too. Very inspiring.

    I actually recently done a photoshoot with similar colours, I really think burgundy works great with white.


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