New Years 2016 Party Dress

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Hey you guys!

Lately I feel like I am only talking to you guys about holiday events.  Which is fun because who doesn’t like to talk about prepping for holiday parties!!! I do have to admit though, I cant wait to get back to blogging about everyday life.  It is a lot of fun just getting to know you guys through your comments/opinions on everyday life things.  With the biggest party of the year lets go out with a big hoorah and then jump back into lifestyle events next week.. deal!?!  First things first, how was everybody’s Christmas!?  I had a lot of fun with family this year.  Usually, Jordan and I travel for the holidays. But this year we stuck around town and hung out with each of our families.  It was really fun to switch thing up… plus dancing around with Grandma in our matching cheetah print onesies is something you cant get at the beach in Hawaii! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you already know what I am talking about LOL Its a video you guys dont want to miss! What are some of the highlights from your guys Christmas break?

Can you guys believe by the end of the week it will be 2016!?! It’s insane,  I am excited for 2016 I feel like this is the year Jordan and I will be rewarded for all of our hard work in 2015. 2015 was a tough year, nothing crazy I just mean, J and I worked our butts off. We sacrificed a lot so we could put in tons of time into our careers.  I can just feel the reward from our hard work coming our way.  Any-who, I’ve always been a bit of a party animal so naturally it only makes sense that New Years Parties are some of my favorite.  A party isn’t complete without your girlfriends, martinelli’s and beautiful dresses!  My Friend Natalie is the designer of all the dresses seen above be sure to check her out she is amazing, and can customize just about anything! Hope you guys have a wonderful New Years!


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74 thoughts on “New Years 2016 Party Dress

    1. thank you so much nancy! I am so glad you liked the post! LOL I am glad you also saw the post with my grandma she is the best!

    1. haha I know that seems to be the main emoji I use on inst whenever she posts a pic on instagram of a new dress she has designed!

    1. oh my Andrea you are the sweetest! thank you for your kind words I am glad 2015 brought us together. Hope you have a wonderful new years as well!

  1. Oh oh oh oh oh have I ever seen anything more beautiful in all my life. Answer: no.

    That dress is simply stunning. My mouth is wide open on my desk at how incredible you look.

    Happy new year doll!


    1. haha you are the cutest! thank you babe! This dress would look amazing on you!!! I hope you have a wonderful new years!

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