November 2015 Favorites

Hey Guys!

Today I have brought to you my monthly favorites! In today’s YouTube Video I am sharing with you, all of the products I fell in love with during the month of November!   I would also love to hear what products you found and love so I can test them out too, so post them below in the comments.  Cant wait to hear from you all! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t already!


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0 thoughts on “November 2015 Favorites

    1. hey babe! haha thanks I am glad you like the videos!! yes you need to try the concealer its AMAZING!!! girrrl you can never have to many sneakers, a ladys gotta match right!?! haha thanks for stopping by doll!

    1. yay! so happy you love it!! thanks i think the room turned out cute too, I had to do a lot of DIY because everything I wanted was so expensive!! So I am happy you like how it turned out too!

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