Crest White Strips


Hey Guys!

So with the holidays coming up comes lots of smiles.  Now is as good as time as any to get those pearly whites shinning bright like diamonds!  I always say the best accessory to attract a man on New Years Eve is a smile.  So make sure he will be able to spot yours from across the room! These 3D white strips also make the perfect stocking stuffer! Especially with Walmarts buy one get one free limited time offer! You can purchase them HERE I seriously love these because they dont make my teeth sensitive and they whiten your teeth in ONE HOUR!! Years of stains are taken off in an hour, I couldnt believe it but it really does work! Be sure to have your #holidaysmile with #crest PS. Make up items used to create this look are below!


0 thoughts on “Crest White Strips

    1. They are seriously amazing! I only used two before these pics! This particular kind gets rid of stains in an hour so make sure you get these ones, the other ones are great too but take about 7 days for results. So what ever you are going for. I have used these strips for years, these ones have to be my favorite. Due to how quickly I see results!

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