Perfectly Suited & Dressed for the Utah Fashion Show

20151017-20151017-DSC_47992025Designer Garth from Perfectly Suited and his models


Good Morning!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday and great start to your week! I am really excited about today’s post!  I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to Utah’s Fashion Show as the guest blogger! Be sure to give them a follow so you can see my upcoming article in their next magazine.

It was really fun, my husband and I got to work with two of the most amazing designers at the event.  My dress was custom made by the beautiful Fashion Designer Wanessa Ferreira creator of WN Ferreira she did an amazing job and gave me the slim mermaid fit I was looking for, she was such a pleasure to work with be sure to check her out for all things formal, especially weddings!  She is so creative and beyond talented, I gave her a pretty difficult task and she whipped it up in no time with perfection and loads of style.  I cant wait to wear her dress again.  Be sure to drop by her shop, feel free to contact her and ask her about her custom gowns too!

My husband has nothing but amazing things to say about his designer Garth, creator of Perfectly Suited.  We had a great experience working with Garth and his team.  So professional, everyone was very attentive to our needs.  Jordan received a custom fit suit, which is what Perfectly Suited is known for.  They go to great lengths to get the best material and create slim fitting suits that are designed to fit your body type in the most comfortable of ways.   They do have ready to wear suits as well, for those last minute events. I would encourage you to stop in or give them a call they are fabulous to work with and always willing to answer your questions.  You can message them on Facebook too!

So there you have it, two birds with one stone. If you and your significant other are planning a wedding or are just in need of formal attire, be sure to check out these two designers to get either already to wear pieces or custom pieces! I prefer the custom option because how fun is it to own something other people dont have!? That is my favorite, which is why Jordan and I loved working with these two designers.  It was quick and easy and we got specifically what we asked for! Below are the items I used to achieve my makeup look for the event.  Hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by! Special thanks to Garth and Wanessa for styling Jordan and I!


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0 thoughts on “Perfectly Suited & Dressed for the Utah Fashion Show

  1. This is really great to be at Utah Fashion Week! It is really fantastic, your dress is stunning and so are you! I loved the color, the detail of the sleeves (with chains) and very nice that you were with your husband! I hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Congrats on the opportunity! You look beautiful and that dress is amazing. Fits you like glove and I love the gold detailing. And your husband looks fantastic too! What a fun event!

    xo, jackie

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I fall in love with the color each time I wear it!!! and it really was such an exciting night! thanks for the love!

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