Trending items for Holiday gift guide


Faux Fur

Blanket Scarf





Hey Guys!

I thought with the holidays coming up I would make a little Holiday gift guide! Whether its for you or a special lady in your life is totally up to you! I picked the pieces based off of my favorite items to receive as gifts and what is currently trending right now. So consider the pieces above to be on the hot list! Dont forget to treat yourself! Are there any other gift guides you would like me to do before the holiday season arrives? Let me know! PS thank you so much for the sweet comments and nice thoughts on my Thanksgiving Vlog. I was blown away! You guys are the best! If you havent already you can subscribe to my channel HERE for more vlogs and tutorials! Love you all!


0 thoughts on “Trending items for Holiday gift guide

  1. I love Bobbi Brown makeup and I loved the jewels you showed, and that is a great idea for Christmas! In fact this year I told everyone that I don’t want presents, but well, some little things would be nice, why not 🙂

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