VloGIVIVING 2015 Sheffield Thanksgiving

Hey guys!

I am super excited about today’s post.  I have done something I have never thought to do before. I had a few requests to start doing Vlogs.  Which I was stoked to hear about because I love filming an editing videos.  It’s a fun creative outlet for me! Plus it helps me capture moments in my life that I probably otherwise wouldnt think to film! Vlogs are a fun way for your kids to look back on your lifestyle too.  So thank you to all who pushed me in this direction because I am loving it! I did my first Vlog over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.  I had a lot of fun with it, I hope you guys enjoy.  The football game and time playing with my niece and nephew are probably my favorite scenes oh and Jordan during his “cooking show” LOL anyways hope you guys like! To stay updated on my next videos you can SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL here.  As always thank you for stopping by, love all!


0 thoughts on “VloGIVIVING 2015 Sheffield Thanksgiving

  1. I loooved your video! Boots with Fur is soooo lovely 🙂 And your grandma too, I really loved the sense of family and love we feel through your video! Well done, so nice that you had a great time!

    1. thank you Denise! haha she really is so stinkin cute!!! lol my grandma really is so fun haha thank you for your sweet words, so glad you liked the video!

    1. My mother in law always makes the best center pieces! haha thank you they are the sweetest, they make family time the best! Thanks for all the love and support Danielle!

    1. haha so happy to hear that! Its nice when people find joy in what you love doing!!! Thanks for the support! LOVES!

    1. Thank you! Yes it really is such a great excuse to bring out the video camera, I have had this camera for three years and this is the first time using it!! So I need to do it more!

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