Chunky Sweaters

IMG_9938IMG_9905IMG_9935IMG_9903IMG_9934IMG_9926IMG_9887IMG_9900IMG_9920IMG_9876IMG_9912IMG_9872IMG_9867Sweater, also love|| Leggings|| Booties||

Happy Monday!!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving!?! I want to hear all about it! Mine was super fun! Full of awesome food, family and football! Jordan and I also celebrated our third anniversary!! I love that guy so much!!! I cant believe it is already Winter!?! Where has the time gone!?! I think Winter is so beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful seasons! I just hate how cold it is! I am seriously so miserable when I am cold, which is a bummer because that makes me really dislike Winter. Β Although, I really do love outdoor activities. Jordan and I went ice-skating and it was SO much fun we were going so fast around the rink I seriously felt like we were going to take off in flight LOL I couldnt stop laughing it was so much fun. Next week we are going to try curling (the Olympic sport) so random… but we are so curious about it LOL has anyone ever tried it? What are some of your favorite Winter activities? Β Thanks for stopping by!


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0 thoughts on “Chunky Sweaters

  1. What a great sweater! And these pictures are beautiful, lucky you with no snow! Can’t wait to read about your curling adventures. Curling is so big here in Canada…but to be honest I’ve never really understood the sport.

    xo, Jackie

    1. thank you so much love!! I know I have no idea what it is either LOL but my husband is from Canada so that explains his enthusiasm to try it out LOL

  2. Jness, you look absolutely stunning, as always! I adore that cardigan and I love how you belted it. I love winter simply because I love the feeling of being cozy, but I too hate the cold. I love when it snows for about a day and then afterwards, I just wish it would all melt right away because trying to maneuver around it by walking or driving becomes such a nightmare!

    I have a funny story about ice skating. I’ve always done it growing up, so I’m fairly good. My husband on the other hand never did. So, one year during the Christmas season, a bunch of our friends and family decided to go and he was all for it. Well, as soon as he stepped onto the rink for the first time (I’m seriously cracking up as I type this) he saw someone crack their head on the ice and there was blood where the person was laying (they were fine). So he tried to turn back and get off the ice because he got scared that would happen to him, that he kept falling over and over again as he tried to make his way off the rink, lol! Now, he refuses to go back, but I’m working on getting him back on the rink.

    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day, beautiful!



    1. hahahhaha I am so glad you shared that story with me LOL seriously so funny! I can totally visualize the whole thing!!!! haha thanks for your sweet comments! LOVES!

    1. haha I feel the exact same way!!! It is uncommon for me to wear baggy clothes so when I do I always find myself belting it off to give my figure some shape lol thanks for stopping by!

    1. thank you Vivian! It is uncommon for me to wear baggy clothes so when I do I always find myself belting it off to give my figure some shape lol

  3. So that is one amazing location to shoot photos, how lucky are you πŸ™‚ it was the perfect backdrop for your outfit. The contrast between greens and blues, and your graphic pieces looked really lovely.

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