Winter 2015 Fashion & Beauty Trends

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is focused on the hottest trends this Winter season.  I hope you enjoy the short film above. When shopping this season look for those jewel toned pieces.  Burgundy, Emerald, and Navy are the most popular colors this season! I had so much fun creating this film for you guys! I am so excited for this weekend the last hunger games movie is coming out today!!! Yay! Jordan and I are mid after noon movie goers, we like to go in our sweat pants LOL so Friday we are going to watch all the hunger game movies and then saturday after noon we are going to go to the theater and watch the new one!!! Are  you guys movie theater junkies too? Are you just as excited for hunger games!?! What are your plans this weekend? Holy 20 questions! k Ill stop love you all! But first I must say, I probably sound like a broken record but I am honestly blown away with all your support thanks for the love and I hope you enjoy your weekend!! Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!







0 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Fashion & Beauty Trends

    1. thanks molly! haha I dont think I would ever wear it out of the house but it is SO fun!! makes for great halloween or makeup art!

    1. haha thanks Vanessa you are the sweetest! I have so much fun doing it, its nice to have a creative outlet! Thanks for the compliments they always make me happy! have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Jalisa!! My sweet husband got that for me, I was shocked with his Fashion sense LOL Hope you have a great weekend!! xo

    1. haha thanks girl! I am having way too much fun with this youtube thing! you are so sweet! I got those booties last season from Guess and cannot find them any where this year!!! So sorry but their are similar ones out there! have a great weekend doll!

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